Adjustable Gastric Band

In this procedure, known as the Adjustable Gastric Band, a silicone elastomer band is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a small stomach pouch which can hold only a small amount of food. The lower, larger part of the stomach is below the band. These two parts are connected by a small outlet created by the band. Food will pass through the outlet (“stoma” in medical terms) from the upper stomach pouch to the lower part more slowly, causing one to feel full longer. The diameter of the band outlet is adjustable to meet individual needs, which can change as one loses weight.  Adjustable gastric band surgery is available through INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center in Oklahoma City.

On the inner lining of the band there is a longitudinal balloon (like a bicycle tire). The band is left empty at time of surgery but is thereafter gradually filled with fluid by injection through the subcutaneous (just under the skin) port. It is thus possible to vary the opening in the stomach after surgery. This can be done in the surgeon's office.



Simple and relatively safe
Short recovery period
Major complication rate is low
No opening or removal of any part of the stomach or intestines
No altering of the natural anatomy
Very short recovery periods

About a five percent failure rate because of:

  • Balloon leakage

  • Band erosion/migration

  • Deep infection

Identifying patients who will not "eat through" the operation is difficult

Adjustable Gastric Band - Getting Started

What is the first thing I need to do if I am interested in the program?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with our office. If you are approved for bariatric surgery (surgical weight loss) after your initial consultation, and you have been medically cleared by the physician, your surgery date will be scheduled.

How to Get Started: 

  • Download and print patient forms.
  • Attend a free weight loss seminar. 
  • Make an appointment to see us.

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