Obstetric Care during Pregnancy and Postpartum

INTEGRIS offers prenatal care to our Oklahoma patients as soon as they discover their pregnancy.
At INTEGRIS, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive obstetric care, individualized to each patient’s unique situation and needs. From prenatal care, to delivery, to comprehensive postpartum care, our nurses, obstetricians and specialists are here to support you in your journey to motherhood.

We offer prenatal care to our Oklahoma patients as soon as they discover their pregnancy. Visits throughout pregnancy allow us to closely monitor baby’s progress and mother’s health. Our pregnancy care is designed to help you have the most positive experience possible, keeping baby health and by helping mom manage the discomforts and side effects of pregnancy.

Bring your baby into the world at one of our labor and delivery centers across Oklahoma. From routine deliveries to high-risk pregnancies, our facilities are equipped to give you the healthiest start possible as a family. Our excellent medical staff is also equipped to handle cesarean sections – should one be medically necessary - in a fast manner, to ensure you and baby’s safety.

INTEGRIS also offers postpartum care and visits to ensure you and your baby copes well with your new life. Our doctors and nurses are here to offer suggestions or answer any questions you may have, and make sure that your body recovers as quickly as possible from the birth.

If you are in need of pregnancy or postpartum care at one of our Oklahoma locations, call your local INTEGRIS hospital or clinic or the INTEGRIS HealthLine at 888-951-2277.

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