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Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Laughter: Good For Your Health

Fall is once again upon us and so are the 28th annual INTEGRIS Women’s Health Forum programs! Some researchers think laughter may just be the best medicine, helping you to feel better and get the spark back in your life. But they aren’t sure if it is the act of laughing that does it or having a sense of humor, a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with friends or family. Our sessions this year are filled with the health information you have requested at some of the newest venues in town. You will have an opportunity to learn about important health topics but also a time you can spend with friends laughing and enjoying yourself.

We will cover all aspects of health, touch on a few hot topics and are spotlighting a special program designed especially for African American women. Even though it’s Women’s Health Forum, INTEGRIS is committed to the health of all Oklahomans so men will find the programs useful as well.

Throughout the sessions this year we will encourage you to take a moment and enjoy a laugh. We will discuss some of the effects laughter has on your body and will share snippets of our newest physicians’ favorite ways to relax and enjoy life. Also, we will highlight some of the latest advances in medical care that are provided at our local INTEGRIS facilities.

And we are offering lots of lunch and evening programs so those of you in the workplace can attend more sessions. We have searched the metro area to find great locations and tantalizing food. You never know what neat things we will give away this year as we always come up with something fun! All because we believe that laughter is the best medicine for your health!

It’s so refreshing to enjoy time with friends laughing and having fun. I personally hope to see you at some of our events this year and I think you will agree they are just what your doctor would order!

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