INTEGRIS Women's Health Forum Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis

Mary Ann Bauman, M.D.
Medical Director of Women’s Health and
Community Relations,

Jamie Lee Curtis Update

Due to popular demand, we have added a matinee! Jamie Lee Curtis has agreed to speak earlier in the afternoon at 1 p.m.

Fall is here and it’s time for the 27th annual INTEGRIS Women’s Health Forum programs. This year we have put together some great “recipes” for a healthy you. Topics on getting healthy and staying healthy. We will cover all aspects of your health and even touch on a few hot topics. We are spotlighting a special program designed especially for African American women with a tribute to Zora Brown. And even though it is Women’s Health Forum, INTEGRIS is committed to the health of all Oklahomans so we have programs directed toward men.

Throughout the sessions this year we will have a dusting of traditional recipes and share snippets of our newest physicians’ favorites. Along with learning what our doctors like to cook and some of their beloved family recipes, you will hear about the latest advances in medical care available at our INTEGRIS facilities.

You never know what great things we will be giving away. Remember those fabulous glasses last year? No telling we have scoured the metro to find some great locations and tantalizing food for our talks. All the ingredients for a wonderful forum of programs!

Women’s Health Forum 2013 will surely have something to offer you, your friends and family. We’ve changed things up a little bit again this year as we strive to make improvements based on your feedback. We have continued offering primarily lunch and evening programs so those of you in the workplace can attend more sessions. We also have lots of evening events at hip locations. It’s fun to enjoy time with friends and get some great new recipes to be healthy. I personally hope to see you at some of our events this year and I think you will agree they are just the recipe you need!

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