FAQs on Lakeside Women's Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Patients
(Regarding the INTEGRIS partnership with Lakeside Women’s Hospital)

Q: Why is INTEGRIS partnering with Lakeside Women’s Hospital?
A: Lakeside physician owners made the decision to partner with INTEGRIS in order to extend the number of services we provide to our patients, and to better navigate the many changes taking place in our nation’s health care system. Our patients will continue to benefit from our quality care providers and support staff. Our partnership with INTEGRIS brings a long list of comprehensive specialists and services, such as direct access to neonatal intensive care, cardiology, oncology, extensive educational programs, and many more services not directly accessible at Lakeside in the past.

Q: Will the physician/hospital philosophies and practice standards at Lakeside change?
A: No. The physicians, their staff members and every employee of Lakeside Women’s Hospital will maintain the same philosophies and standards of care we have since our beginning in 1997. You will observe little to no change in the way we operate on a day-to-day basis.

Q: Will I still keep seeing my Lakeside physician?
A: Yes.

Q: Will I still visit my Lakeside physician at her same office location?
A: Yes.

Q: Are physicians leaving Lakeside?
A: We anticipate no changes to our medical staff.

Q: Will Lakeside Hospital close because of the partnership with INTEGRIS?
A: Absolutely not. Our hospital facility meets an important market demand and will continue its operation as normal. This partnership is a plus for Lakeside and our patients.

Q: Will my upcoming appointment change?
A: You will see your physician at the same time as you originally scheduled your appointment.

Q: Will my scheduled OB related classes and location change?
A: No.

Q: Will my insurance still be accepted by my physician?
A: Absolutely, no changes.

Q: Will my insurance still be accepted by Lakeside Women’s Hospital?
A: Yes.

Q: Will my delivery still take place at Lakeside?
A: Yes.

Q: Will my scheduled surgery still take place at Lakeside at the same time?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Will my scheduled ultrasound procedure still take place at Lakeside Imaging at the same time?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Will my scheduled mammography still take place at Lakeside Imaging at the same time?
A: Yes, same time and same location.

Q: Will my scheduled colonoscopy still take place at Lakeside at the same time?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Will the doctor scheduled to perform my colonoscopy change?
A: No.

Q: Will lab services continue to be performed at Lakeside?
A: Yes.

Q: Will other types of physicians be practicing at Lakeside Hospital now?
A: Additional like-minded OB/GYN physicians will be added to our medical staff in the future, as well as other physician specialists.

Q: Is Lakeside adding a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?
A: INTEGRIS neonatologists have always cared for the smallest of our patients at Lakeside. They will continue to do so. Lakeside will continue providing newborn care with our Special Care Nursery, which is overseen by the neonatologists at INTEGRIS. Access to the INTEGRIS neonatal intensive care unit will continue.

Q: Will I be able to receive medical treatments such as chemo or radiation at Lakeside now?
A: No. INTEGRIS has an outstanding oncology program (INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma) where patients can receive treatments under one roof. Lakeside will now have direct referrals to INTEGRIS oncologists when needed. Referrals will be timely and communication between your Lakeside physicians and cancer specialists will be optimized. For more information about INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma go to: integrisok.com/cancer-institute-of-oklahoma.

Q: Will I send my physician and/or hospital payments to Lakeside or INTEGRIS?
A: If you previously made your payment(s) to Lakeside or OKC GYN/OB, you will continue doing so.

Q: Will my INTEGRIS doctor be able to deliver or perform my surgery at Lakeside?
A: Lakeside will continue to have its own medical staff. If your INTEGRIS physician has privileges at Lakeside, and many do, you can certainly choose to have your delivery or surgery at Lakeside.

Q: Will the cost(s) of OB, surgery and other procedures and services be more than I was previously quoted?
A: We do not expect changes due to the partnership/transaction with INTEGRIS. Prior to the service(s) we provide, an estimate of your procedure(s) cost will be calculated based on many factors. These include: your insurance plan’s coverage, deductibles, in and out of network status, and the actual care we anticipate you will need. Estimates usually vary on the actual care received. If you have questions about the cost for your delivery or surgery please contact one of the following departments at Lakeside:
OB Delivery: (405) 936-1396       Surgical Procedure: (405) 936-1071

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