Letter to Lakeside Women's Hospital Patients

January 2, 2013

Lakeside Patients,

We value our trusted relationship with you as a patient at Lakeside Women’s Hospital. That’s why we are sharing with you this notice announcing our newly-formed partnership with INTEGRIS Health, effective immediately. We invite you to join us in our enthusiasm. As I am sure you already know, INTEGRIS enjoys an outstanding reputation for providing quality health care to women of all ages (and their families).

You can rest easy knowing that your Lakeside physician, your insurance and any scheduled appointment(s), procedure(s) or class(es) will not change. (Nor will the scheduled location change.) Going forward, you are likely to see no significant changes to our operations. Our hospital leadership, staff and physicians remain, and will maintain the same philosophies and dedication to quality care for women as always. We have partnered with INTEGRIS to provide an extended number of services for you; services we believe strengthen and complete our overall sphere of care. These services include direct access to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU Level I), cardiology, oncology, orthopedic services, extensive educational programs and many others.

We are excited about our Lakeside/ INTEGRIS partnership. We believe you will also appreciate the enhancement it brings to our hospital and its services. The additional specialists and technology provided by INTEGRIS allows Lakeside physicians to become more of a nucleus for all areas related to your health and wellness.

As we move forward, you will likely hear more about this new partnership with INTEGRIS, and the many ways it will provide you with benefits and services not previously offered at Lakeside Women’s Hospital. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have (about this partnership and its benefits) to your physician during your next office visit.

Thank you for your continued trust in our entire team at Lakeside Women’s Hospital.


Lakeside Women’s Hospital Physicians and Staff
A Member of the INTEGRIS Network

If you have additional questions, please visit our questions and answers page, which you may find helpful in regard to Lakeside’s announcement and partnership with INTEGRIS.

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