Women's and Children's Health Forum

Wow, it is fall already and time for Women’s Health Forum. If you’ve never been before, this is the 31st year INTEGRIS has been providing the Women’s Health Forum for our community. We are still bringing you our newest physicians and information to help you improve your health. It’s our mission. But, this year we have expanded it to be the INTEGRIS Women’s and Children’s Health Forum.

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We’ve always provided you with important women’s health information as well as information for other family members you may provide care for, but this year we are committed to providing topics especially relevant to children.

We realize it can be hard for parents with young children to come to many of our sessions. You may have evening family activities or you’ve been at work all day and just want to spend some time at home with the family. We’ve got a solution for that. We mixed in new options for you to access information without attending in person. Be sure and look for the computer symbol that designates our events that you can attend either online, or some other unique way.

You are exposed to lots of information and opinions today, especially with constant access to computers, smart phones and the Internet. It’s important to make sure you are getting medically sound information with regard to your health. That’s why we do this year after year. And, if you need to get more information about your personal health, we’re introducing you to doctors who are taking new patients.

Register early, as events sometimes fill very quickly. Be informed and make your health a priority.

Registration is simple.

Reservations are required for all events. Unless otherwise noted, events are free. Please provide the name, address, email address and phone number of each guest.

Since you're here, the easiest way to register is online. Just click the links below for each event, add them all to your cart and checkout all at once.

Of course, you can always call the INTEGRIS HealthLine and they'll help get you registered. The phone number is 405-951-2277.


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