Scrawny or Brawny

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Wednesday, 4/19/2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Third Age Life Center
5100 N Brookline,
Suite 100,
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Class is full.

As years roll by, there is a tendency to lose muscle mass and power. Admittedly, some of this loss of strength is inevitable. Still, there are lifestyle factors that can delay the onset or slow down the loss of strength. The most obvious is engaging in regular physical activity. But, diet matters too. It’s just as important for grandpa to eat a healthy diet, with adequate protein, as it is for his body-building grandson. Sarcopenia is a term that refers to the age-related loss of skeletal muscle. Join Karen Massey RD/LD to learn some practical tips for preserving the muscles you have!

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