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Welcome to INTEGRIS Home Care Oklahoma City.

INTEGRIS Home Care is a committed team of experienced clinicians working together to manage illness, injuries, post-surgical care, neurological diagnosis, cardiac issues, diabetes, and pulmonary issues. After a comprehensive assessment, clinicians develop a multidisciplinary plan to manage patient care at home. We offer skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and personal aide services to address health issues in the home. We provide education and care to meet goals and address health issues and concerns of patients and their families. JACHO accredited.

Who Qualifies for Home Health

Patients with medical issues requiring skilled clinicians to provide nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy.  The patient must be homebound, defined as difficult and taxing effort to leave the home due to medical issues. The patient must be under the care of a physician who can order home health services and manage patient care. 

Patient Quotes:

"The entire staff of Integris Home Care has treated me like family."

"Staff were always professional, concerned for my wellbeing, happy and agreeable."

"I cannot say enough good things about my care. Wonderful experience."

Questions and Home Health Referrals

Please contact us at 405-951-8400

Clinical Services Offered

Home Care Preferred Provider Network

INTEGRIS Health desires to provide its patients and families with a resource to access the highest quality home care (or health) providers no matter where the patient lives in the state of Oklahoma. Learn about the INTEGRIS Health Home Care Preferred Provider Network.

A Member of the INTEGRIS Health Continuing Care Network

The INTEGRIS Continuing Care Network is a clinically integrated network of INTEGRIS Health post-acute care providers and NON-INTEGRIS preferred post-acute care providers.