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Steps to Health: Oklahoma City Zoo

18 March 2016

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There's no better place to enjoy the springtime sunshine and a stroll with the whole family than the Oklahoma City Zoo. With one million annual visitors, the OKC Zoo is the most frequented attraction in Oklahoma. Exciting exhibits, the ZooZeum and a state-of-the-art animal hospital where some of the best veterinarians in the nation hone their skills make this a one-of-a-kind destination along Adventure Road. The Oklahoma City Zoo’s miles of paved trails offer entertainment and exercise for parents and kids alike.

Hitting the Trail


We strapped on our sneakers and headed to the zoo on a warm Sunday afternoon. After getting our bearings with the zoo map, we decided to take the 2.87-mile Black Rhino trail around the zoo’s perimeter in order to see the most animals. Luckily for us, many of the animals were up and moving around, enjoying the great weather just as much as we were.

The zoo is home to 1,900 animals of 500 species. From the okapi (cousins of the giraffe) to the rhinos, grizzly bears to gators, our stroll was off to an exciting start. After a quick water break to rehydrate, we saw jaguars and tigers in Cat Forest, gorillas and orangutans at Great EscApe, elephants, otters and many more critters. We finished up our walk through the zoo by exploring Sting Ray Bay and checking out the flamingos before heading home.

OKC Zoo Animal Steps

Properly Prepare for Your Zoo Adventure

The Oklahoma City Zoo makes it easy to get so wrapped up in sightseeing and exploring that you forget you’re racking up thousands of steps. After strolling along the Black Rhino Trail and exploring some additional paths not on the marked trail, we ended up covering 3.1 miles: the equivalent of a 5K!

While exploring the zoo is a fun way to work fitness into your family time, it’s important to remember the distance you’re covering and to be adequately prepared for your trip. Wear supportive shoes appropriate for walking long distances, and make sure to hydrate along the way.

Strollers and coolers are allowed, so you can bring your own healthy snacks for your family. The zoo has several shady rest areas, but we recommend that you wear sunscreen and a hat and sunglasses. Exercise doesn't have to be boring. Oklahoma offers countless attractions to explore while getting in a workout along the way. For a fun outing the whole family will enjoy, head to the Oklahoma City Zoo – and don’t forget to count your steps!