Our Mission, Vision and Values

Transforming INTEGRIS Health

At INTEGRIS Health, our Mission, Vision and Values reflect our commitment to partnering to achieve healthier outcomes for our patients and communities.

"As you grow and gain experience, if your mission statement doesn’t change, you risk not being relevant anymore."

William Arruda
Forbes editor, branding consultant

Vision and Values statements do three things: say why we exist (Mission), express what we aspire to do and be (Vision) and show how we will shape our behavior (Values). INTEGRIS Health’s new Mission, Vision and Values do just that.

Introducing our new Mission, Vision and Values


Partnering with people to live healthier lives.


The Most Trusted Partner for Health


Integrity. We are honest and consistently adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.
Compassion. We are kind and suspend judgement to appreciate other’s perspectives and situations.
Accountability. We take ownership for our actions and outcomes.
Respect. We embrace diversity and inclusion, and value others.
Excellence. We seek to continuously improve, leading to exceptional outcomes.


INTEGRIS Health Mission, Vision and Values



At INTEGRIS Health, partnering with people to lead healthier lives is at the heart of everything we do.
INTEGRIS Health Mission, Vision, Values
Our Mission
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