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Launched in 1992, INTEGRIS Health’s Adopt-a-Family initiative identifies families and individuals within our community who may not receive gifts during the holiday season. Employees, volunteers and departments join together in the spirit of giving and adopt recipients who have been selected from several elementary schools, senior centers and churches as well as patients at the INTEGRIS Mental Health facilities in Spencer and Enid. On average, Adopt-a-Family sponsors more than 100 families, senior citizens and children annually. For more information, call 405-717-9870.

Changing Your Weighs

This eight-week weight loss program was developed and is taught by health professionals. As the name implies, the program focuses on losing weight through lifestyle changes. This program is educational in nature and includes practical tips for choosing a calorie balanced style of eating in conjunction with increasing physical activity. Special emphasis is placed on setting realistic goals, and adopting lifestyle habits that reduce health risks. Changing Your Weighs is a no-nonsense approach to life-long weight management. For more information, call 405-717-9875.

Couch To 5K

This is an eight-week program designed to get participants off the couch. The program begins slowly so that all fitness levels are able to adapt gradually. The culmination of the program is either walking or running your first 5K!

INTEGRIS – Caring and Responding in Every Way (I-CREW)

The INTEGRIS CREW allows us to tap into the vast employee resources across our organization. All INTEGRIS employees have the opportunity to participate. By collaborating with the appropriate community agencies, the INTEGRIS CREW provides volunteers for community functions and projects. By serving on the I-CREW, we not only make a difference, but also enjoy fun and fellowship with our INTEGRIS family. More than 500 INTEGRIS employees including executive leaders have volunteered their time to this project. For more information, call 405-717-9870.

INTEGRIS Community Clinic

In January 1993, INTEGRIS Health opened a free medical clinic in the inner city of Oklahoma City. The clinic offers adult patients care for chronic diseases, diabetes classes and limited diabetes eye exams, and has a pharmacy for its patients. With almost one in four Oklahomans uninsured, the need for health care is great. We have made an impact in the community by helping thousands of patients through the years with a variety of needs. The clinic operates three evenings a month, and sees approximately 80-100 patients each night. For more information, call 405-717-9872.

Men’s Health University

Statistics show that Oklahoma men are nearly twice as likely as women to fail to get routine medical check-ups or care, and frequently ignore symptoms or delay medical attention when sick or in pain. To raise awareness of this issue and help turn the tide, INTEGRIS Health’s innovative men’s initiative – Men’s Health University – offers a series of health education classes, programs and events that take place throughout the year designed to educate men and their families on the importance of taking charge of their own health. Health checks such as cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and prostate cancer screenings are featured at several men’s health fairs held annually throughout the state. We also celebrate in June during National Men’s Health Week and during November for the “Movember” men’s health and wellness campaign celebrated around the world. Empowering men with information is an important first step to improving their overall health and longevity. These events are a great way for men to learn about health care issues in a fun, supportive environment. For more information, call 405-717-9870.

Mobile Meals

INTEGRIS Health partners with Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County to provide meals to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Volunteer drivers deliver meals to recipients five days a week. For some senior citizens this program enables them to keep their independence, and enhances the lives of these individuals. For more information, call 405-717-9870.

Move For Life

Move for Life is a hands-on program to help parents raise healthy children by modeling sound lifestyle habits in the home. Class activities are designed to be fun for everyone where parents participate with their children in learning creative ways to eat healthier and increase activity without “going to a gym” or “dieting.” Move For Life is perfect for families who have nonathletic hobbies and interests such as music, choir, drama or art. Or, for families who participate in seasonal activities, but struggle to maintain an active lifestyle in the off-season. Move For Life is an eight-week program, and meets for approximately one hour each week. Classes are taught by a registered dietitian, exercise specialist and licensed mental health counselor. Instructors have experience in health promotion and weight control. For more information, call 405-717-9875.

Walk This Way

Walk This Way is a six-week walking contest geared to encourage people to begin a walking program and to maintain it after the program ends. Participants are encouraged to walk on their own, with a buddy or their family, friends and other groups. Free screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and body mass index are taken before and after the program.

The Positive Directions Mentoring Program

Founded in 1996 by INTEGRIS Health, the Positive Directions mentoring program recruits, trains and places adult mentors in local elementary schools to enrich the lives and academic success of our Oklahoma City and surrounding community children. The purpose of the program is to provide a caring adult for each student participant. Mentors spend an hour each week at the school site, building a relationship, being a friend and helping the student with academic and social/behavioral challenges. The most common feedback we receive from Positive Directions mentors is that they get as much out of the mentoring experience as the child does, and that it’s the favorite part of their week! It’s a win-win, and our mentors are having a significant impact on student success. For more information, call 405-717-9831.

Cancer Support Group/Grupo de Apoyo de Cáncer

INTEGRIS Health was the first health care organization in Oklahoma City to offer a cancer support group in Spanish. The whole family support group began meeting in August 2004 with three members and has grown to more than 75 members. The support group sessions, led by cancer patients and care-partners, are designed to respond to the informational needs of cancer patients and their families as well as provide emotional support. This support group is unique in the sense that it provides Spanish speakers the opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns and fear with other cancer patients and survivors. Sessions are offered free of charge to anyone in the community affected by cancer as a patient or family member. Participants meet monthly at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center.

Citizenship, GED and ESL Classes

In partnership with the Adult Learning Center we offer GED and ESL classes twice a week in the evening and citizenship classes in the morning on weekends. These classes are part of the effort to better serve our people and give them the tools to become better citizens and stewards in their own communities.

Computer Classes

A series of four classes once a week is offered, for participants to learn the basics of computer literacy in order to access the world of technology and be able to participate in the different online classes.

Diabetes Focus Groups/Focos de Educación de Diabetes

The group meets every third Thursday. Participants are required to attend six sessions that include diabetes generalities, use of a glucose monitor, nutrition, exercise, medication, and diabetic feet and other complications. New patients receive a “diabetic kit.” This class helps people with diabetes to understand their chronic condition and take charge of their care. Classes are led by a registered dietitian and diabetic specialists.

Grief Series/Pérdida, Dolor, Recuperación

This five week program provides information and support for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one through death. Participants receive information about normal grief responses and practical tools to help support them with their own unique experience of loss and recovery. The group sessions are held at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center.

Health Promotors/Promotoras de Salud

A large number of medically at-risk Hispanics are unable to deal with their health problems effectively. Barriers include language, transportation, poverty, lack of health insurance coverage or being uninsured, and immigration status. Many do not have a medical home or a relationship with a primary health care provider. The INTEGRIS Hispanic Initiative offers a layperson Health Promoter program for the Hispanic community, “Promotoras de Salud – Bienestar Comunitario.” The Health Promoter program is an innovative way of transmitting health information to targeted neighborhoods, in this case Hispanics, bringing immigrants into care and increasing their education on health issues. Through Promotoras de Salud – Bienestar Comunitario, our lay health promoters, trained by health professionals and medical advisor Tomas Owens, M.D., educate the Hispanic community in three prevalent health issues: stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

Hispanic Health Fair/Feria Hispana de la Salud

The Hispanic Health Fair has impacted thousands of Hispanics in the Oklahoma City area for more than two decades and each year continues to serve more people in our community. Screenings include eye checks, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and stroke assessments. Cancer checks include oral, skin, prostate and clinical breast exams by appointment. Home colorectal kits are also available. More than one hundred agencies participate, offering information about health, education and community resources. The Hispanic Health Fair is a good resource for the Hispanic community to update its information.

Latino Walkers’ Club/Club de Caminantes

This structured walkers’ program is offered to people interested in being physically active and pursuing a healthier lifestyle. The group meets monthly for a health lecture or exercise session, healthy breakfast and blood pressure checks. The rest of the month members are encouraged to walk daily at least 30 minutes in the hospital designated area. Free membership; t-shirts with the group’s logo are offered at a reasonable price.

Literacy Program/Plaza Comunitaria

Do you know someone who never learned to read? Did you get to the third grade but could not finish? Did you go to school in your home country without finishing high school? The Plaza Comunitaria is a free program of the National Institute for Adult Education developed by the Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock and INTEGRIS Health. Classes are held Mondays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon. On-site teacher is present at every session and computers are available for online material and testing.  Look Good, Feel Better/Luzca Bien, Siéntase Mejor
Hope is beautiful and so is every woman being treated for cancer. Look Good … Feel Better can help women who are facing the challenge of a lifetime. The program was created to help individuals with cancer look good and improve their self-esteem, and thereby manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence. The support group is open to all women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of treatment. Luzca Bien … Siéntase Mejor, the Look Good … Feel Better bilingual program, is now offered by the INTEGRIS Hispanic Initiative.

Monthly Lectures/Conferencias Mensuales

We offer health related lectures every month based on the season of the year and the need in the community. Topics are selected from the suggestions participants have in our different groups and programs as well as the needs of the general population and the new advances and breakthroughs in health issues. For more information, call the INTEGRIS HealthLine at 888-951-2277, press #2 for Spanish or visit

Nutrition Classes/Clases de Nutrición

In the United States, Hispanics are disproportionately impacted by obesity and chronic health conditions, compared to the general population. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet filled with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, low-fat dairy and lean protein is important for health and wellness. Knowing what and how much to eat is the key to being healthy. The INTEGRIS Health Hispanic Initiative and the Oklahoma State University Extension Service provide the free nutrition classes at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center. Classes are held in Spanish by registered dietitians the second Tuesday of every month. Topics include healthy weight loss, how to read a food label, diet and cardiovascular disease, diet and osteoporosis, and how to eat healthy during the holidays along with information on how diet and nutrition affect diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and osteoporosis in the Hispanic community. Participants taste the delicious recipes we demonstrate in each class.

Breast Self-examination/Auto-examen de Pecho

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. However, 90 percent of breast cancer can be treated successfully if detected and treated early. Starting by age 20, women should examine their breasts monthly. Breast self-examination is a good routine health habit that can help you know how your breasts feel normally. Any changes that are found should be reported to your health care professional. Remember, most breast lumps are not cancer. Breast self-examination classes are offered monthly in Spanish by the INTEGRIS Hispanic Initiative. Sessions are offered free of charge to anyone in the community.

Weight Loss Challenge/Gane Perdiendo

Twelve weeks challenge to learn and adopt a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and stress management are the key components of this weight loss challenge as well as information and classes about health related issues. Weekly sessions on health topics including nutrition, mental health, healthy weight and active lifestyle, combined with introduction to diverse exercise modalities such as walking, chair exercise, resistance band and Zumba, motivate participants to stay active and live healthier. Our weight loss challenge for adults is held during the months of February to April and the version of the program for children, MOVE FOR LIFE, goes on from September through November every year.

INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center Educational Programs

INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center provides opportunities for involvement and continued growth for anyone 50 years of age or older enjoying the third age of life. A variety of educational programs are offered ranging from discussions by INTEGRIS health professionals to defensive driving classes conducted by AARP to seminars on topics of special interest to the older adult including nutrition, fitness, legal issues, health concerns and more. Other options include classes in computer and Spanish language instruction. For more information, call 405-717-9821 or visit online at

Ask a Dietitian

Consultation with a registered dietitian is offered free of charge to INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center participants. This community service focuses on general nutrition questions and is not intended as a substitute for therapeutic diets or medical nutrition therapy. For more information, call 405-717- 9821 (north office) or 405-644-5140 (south office) or visit online at

Caregiver Support Group

In cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association, INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center facilitates a Caregiver Support Group that meets twice a month. If you are a caregiver of an individual with Alzheimer’s or related dementia, this group may provide just the support that is needed. For more information, call 405-717-9821 or visit online at

Eat Well, Move More, Be Well

This program is aimed at helping older adults choose wholesome foods and adopt a more active lifestyle. Taking steps to achieve a healthier body weight is important, but those who are 65 years of age and older should strive to make changes gradually. Eat Well, Move More, Be Well is a four-session program taught by a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist. Nutrition recommendations focus on choosing a calorie-balanced diet with a particular emphasis on a heart-healthy eating pattern. Exercise tips also focus on increasing physical activity in an age-appropriate fashion including recommendations for reducing the risk of falling, strength conditioning and enhancing balance and coordination skills. For more information, call 405-717-9875.

Faye Donalson Hearing Helpers Demonstration Room

Housed at INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center, the Faye Donalson Hearing Helpers Demonstration Room contains a vast array of devices designed to help people cope with hearing loss. These devices are available for you to examine and determine what works best. Ordering information and catalogs are also available. For more information, call 405-717-9820 for voice and TTY communication.

Fitness Classes

There is something for every fitness level at INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center. Regular exercise will increase strength, flexibility, the immune system and more. Whether senior strength training, line dancing, Tai Chi Chih or laughter yoga, these classes are designed to help one get up, get moving and have some fun. For more information, call 405-717-9821 or visit online at

Healthy Heart Walkers’ Club

The Healthy Heart Walkers’ Club is designed to provide the community with a structured walking and health education program. The large hallway access areas, located at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center and INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, provide a safe, convenient and comfortable walking environment. INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center sponsors a monthly meeting that features various speakers presenting information on topics about health and wellness or other topics of interest to seniors. For more information, call 405-717-9821.

Hearing Loss Association of OKC Support Group

The Hearing Loss Association of Oklahoma City is an advocacy group formed to protect the rights of people who have difficulty hearing. The association develops strategies to deal with hearing loss through education by speakers and interacting with professionals. Support group meetings are held monthly. The association participates in public service by providing volunteers in the Faye Donalson Hearing Helpers Demonstration Room located in the INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center. For more information, call 405-717-9820.

Medicare Insurance Counseling

During the Medicare open enrollment period, a senior health insurance counselor certified by the Oklahoma State Insurance Department, is available by appointment at INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center to assist Medicare recipients in selecting a Medicare Part D prescription plan. Telephone consultations to discuss general Medicare questions are also available throughout the year. For more information, call 405-717-9821.

Memory: Use it or Lose It

Memory loss often occurs with age, but it may raise some questions for the individual and family: What is normal? Can anything be done to delay it? Could it be Alzheimer’s? This program addresses these questions and other age-related memory concerns, including the early detection and treatment of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. Participants receive a checklist of warning signs and other tools to help assess whether further evaluation by a physician is needed. The program, offered by INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center and INTEGRIS Mental Health, is free to the public and is held in various locations throughout the metro area. For more information, call 405-717-9821.

Prevent Slips, Trips and Broken Hips

INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center in collaboration with INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation offers a community program that educates seniors about risk factors for falling, prevention of falling and what to do if a fall occurs. Following the presentation, individuals may elect to do the “Timed Up and Go Test,” which identifies their risk for falling. Participants in the high risk category are advised to review the results with their primary care physician. This program is free to community groups in the metro Oklahoma City area. For more information, call 405-717-9821.

INTEGRIS Classes & Events

INTEGRIS offers a wide variety of classes and community events aimed at promoting health and wellness in Oklahoma.