Executive Health Program

Executive Health Program

Your Company's Health Starts With You

Our mission at INTEGRIS is to improve the health of the people and the communities we serve. As Oklahoma’s largest healthcare provider, we want to provide you, the leaders of our community, the chance to take the first step towards a balanced wellbeing.

Our Executive Health Program gives you the opportunity to encourage by example and introduce the importance of total wellness to your entire corporation. Rising healthcare costs can be combated with an effective wellness program geared towards improving employee health, resulting in less absenteeism and higher productivity rates. Recognizing this and demonstrating this kind of care to your team is a significant start.

Your comprehensive, one-day medical evaluation includes a complete history and physical examination supplemented with an array of advanced diagnostic studies. These tests will provide early detection and diagnosis of unsuspected disease, all of which can enhance your ability to control and prevent future disease. Together, we will review your results in-depth and design an individualized plan set for success.

The INTEGRIS Executive Health Program is a program designed by an elite medical team for elite executives. Getting a better handle on your overall health now can prove essential in maintaining your best quality of life and quality of business. Are you leading by example?

Schedule an Executive Health Physical

To learn more or to schedule an executive health physical please contact Laura Ashcraft at 405-717-9824.

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