Positive Directions Mentoring Program

INTEGRIS Health began the Positive Directions Mentoring Program in 1992 as a business/school partnership that encourages volunteers to become mentors at targeted Oklahoma City elementary schools. The objectives of the program are to build self-esteem, establish positive relationships, help children overcome negative behaviors, and to improve the student’s classroom participation.

The time commitment is only one hour per week, during the school day. Mentors can be from all areas of our community – business people, college students, retirees, stay-at-home moms.

The program is currently in place in the following Oklahoma City public schools:

  • Fillmore Elementary – 5200 S. Blackwelder
  • Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village – 1508 N.W. 106th

    The program is in place in the following hospital communities:

    • Shedeck Elementary - Yukon
    • Independence Elementary - Yukon

    More than 400 mentors are involved providing more than 6,600 volunteer hours. One mentor reports, "So many times I felt good knowing I was making a difference in a student's life. But what I didn't expect was the impact my student made on my life. Mentoring is such a positive experience that I can't imagine NOT doing it. All it takes is a little time."

    Positive Directions is an exciting and rewarding project and one that will lead our community and its most valuable resources – our children – into the future. Get involved in the education process of your community. One person can make a difference.

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