Meet the current and past fellows of INTEGRIS Health's Administrative Fellowship program.

Current and Past Fellows


Current Fellow

Claire Sykes Alexander

July 2020 – June 2021

Claire Sykes Alexander is from Jackson, Mississippi and attended Tulane University, where she earned her Bachelor of Public Health with an additional major in Spanish. While at Tulane, Claire Sykes completed internships with the Louisiana Department of Health, the New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center, and Children's of Mississippi. After graduation, she moved to Birmingham, Alabama to pursue her Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Master of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). During this time, she worked in administration for the Department of Radiation Oncology and the Department of Dermatology at UAB Health System. In her free time, Claire Sykes enjoys attempting DIY projects, traveling to national parks, and spending time with her cat and two golden retrievers.



Past Fellows


Year of Fellowship 

Current Position at INTEGRIS

Tom Cassidy 2020 Public Policy Analyst 
Carolyn Young 2019 Program Manager, Partnership Oversight 
Dylan Darden 2018 Continuous Improvement Consultant  
Ben Schlegel 2017 Program Manager, INTEGRIS Health Partners
Rebecca Phillips       2016 ---
Kurt DeVaney 2015 Vice President of Operations, INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
Stephen Grigar 2014 Director, Imaging
Evan Galt


John Adams 2012 Chief Hospital Executive, INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
Matthew Frye 2011  ---
Bennett Geister 2010  ---
Jon Rule 2009 Chief Hospital Executive, INTEGRIS Health Edmond
Tyler Wilson 2009  ---
Briton Stoll 2008 Director, Neurology and Orthopedics
Holly Small
2008  ---
Fraser Hay
2007  ---
Finny Mathew
2006 Chief Hospital Executive, INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center
Victor Flores 2006  ---
Ian Cooper                             2005  ---


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Value of the Fellowship

“The INTEGRIS Health administrative fellowship program incorporates a unique blend of clinical, operational, urban, and rural rotational opportunities.  Being able to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the health system operates from the front-line to the Executive Leadership Team is invaluable.  As someone who worked within the organization prior to entering into the program, the organizational culture breeds continuous development opportunities for all of the caregivers who seek further career advancement.  The skills and competencies gained through the administrative fellowship have enabled me to be successful in my continued endeavors that were a direct result of the benefits offered by the program.”
“The INTEGRIS Health fellowship program provides fellows with an experience unparalleled to other organizations. As a fellow, I had an unlimited number of opportunities to learn, ranging from attending high level executive meetings to observing a liver transplant in the operating room. The fellowship experience provides the fellow with the right tools and knowledge to be successful in the future.”
“Apart from allowing me to get my foot in the door, the INTEGRIS Health fellowship provided me the opportunity to learn how all levels of an organization function and rely on one other to create a successful entity. One on one interviews with the CEO, sitting in on weekly executive meetings, shadowing different departments and meeting with executives all throughout, this program set the groundwork that my career will build upon. They provided me with all the tools necessary to be successful and am happy I was afforded the opportunity to use them.”
“The INTEGRIS Health fellowship provides unmatched access to a health care system. The program offers unbridled flexibility which allows the student to focus on what interests him/her the most. After achieving a complete overview of the organization in the first six months, the fellow can delve into any number of projects that have piqued his/her interest. The INTEGRIS Health fellowship catapulted my health care career much like the fellows who came before and after me.”
“The INTEGRIS Health fellowship provides mentorship from the executive leadership team, including dedicated one-on-one time with the CEO. The fellow has constant exposure to the highest level of leadership and governance, and access to any part of the healthcare continuum for face to face learning opportunities with front line caregivers. There is a strong history and structure around the fellowship, but also enough flexibility to allow individual focus in particular areas of interest once you’ve spent several months learning about the entire breadth of the system.”
“The administrative fellowship at INTEGRIS Health gives you a level of career experience and professional growth that most healthcare administrators can only hope to receive much later into their professional careers. The fellows have access to every facet of the organization, from shadowing front-line caregivers to being at the table with executive leadership for strategic discussions. This breadth of exposure not only helps you determine your area of professional interest, but also develops a strong foundation for the rest of your career.”
“INTEGRIS Health offers a fellowship with limitless opportunities to learn and grow as a healthcare leader through participation in organizational projects and exposure to all levels of a complex healthcare system.  Through both internal and external networking opportunities with healthcare leaders, providers, and departmental caregivers, residents gain insight and experience which makes a healthcare organization successful in today’s challenging environment.”
“The INTEGRIS Health fellowship offered a breadth of experiences that prepared me for both urban and rural leadership roles. Very few organizations offer corporate, tertiary care and small market learning opportunities in the same setting. Combine that with an engaged executive leadership team who understands the teaching and mentoring intent of the fellowship and you have a recipe for success.”