Continuing Nursing Education

Nursing professional development builds on the basic education and experience of nurses throughout their professional careers for the ultimate goal of ensuring the quality of health care to the public. Although professional nurses remain ultimately responsible for their ongoing professional development, INTEGRIS as a provider of continuing nursing education, shares in this responsibility of providing continuing education hours.

There are activities that assist professional nurses in accomplishing this task. Through these activities, nurses can earn continuing education credit hours.

Start defining your future by considering one of the following Nursing Continuing Education and Professional Development Paths.

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Thinking About Continuing Nursing Education and Professional Development?

We have a number of programs to choose from.

All advanced practice nursing student placements are determined by the individual practitioners and requests should be directed to the APRN or provider with whom the student wishes to complete his or her clinical experience. Clinical Education does not assist in this aspect. All Pre-Clinical Requirements must be submitted to the appropriate clinical placement coordinator listed below.

Clinical Placement Coordinators

Kathy Stallcup, MSN, RN
ISMC/ ICVH Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 405-951-2435
Fax: 405-713-7624

Terri Smith, MSN, RN
IBMC/ IHE Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 405-949-4116
Fax: 405-713-7653

Jamie Loomis, RN, BSN
IBBHC (Enid) Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 580-548-1376
Fax: 405-553-5627

Greg Smith, RN
IBRHC (Miami)/IGGH (Grove)
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 918-540-7476
Fax: 918-540-7477

Darcee Gibb
INTEGRIS Medical Group Clinics Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 405-951-2315

Thank you for your interest in the INTEGRIS Student Shadowing Program. We are excited that you are willing to take the time to learn more about the many exciting and rewarding opportunities in healthcare. We offer non-academic shadowing opportunities in the following clinical areas:

Contact Tara Vogt for the following:

  • Registered Nursing
  • Radiology Technologist
  • Ultrasonography
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Dietary

Contact Jaime Graham-Smith for the following:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy

*If you are interested in shadowing a physician, or a physician's assistant, please visit the following page for more information: Continuing Graduate Medical Education

Click here to download the Student Shadow Application. For more information regarding this program, please contact Tara Vogt (Registered Nursing, Radiology Technologist, Ultrasonography, Respiratory Therapy, and Dietary) or Jaime Graham-Smith (Speech Therapy, Musical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Recreational Therapy).

Tara Vogt, BSN, RN
Nursing Shadow Coordinator
Office: 405-949-3179
Cell: 405-778-1131
Fax: 405-979-9837

Jaime Graham-Smith
Administrative Secretary
Therapy Shadow Coordinator
Office: 405-644-5380
Cell: 405-881-1217
Fax: 405-815-6941

Student & Faculty Resources

We want to extend a hearty welcome to all nursing students and faculty members coming to INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center (IBMC), INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center (ISMC), INTEGRIS Health Edmond (IHE), INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital (ICVH), INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center in Enid (IBBHC), INTEGRIS Miami Hospital (IMH), and INTEGRIS Grove Hospital (IGH) for clinical rotations this school year! We are committed to helping you meet your clinical objectives by providing a variety of meaningful clinical experiences.

If you are a clinical instructor, please follow the links at the left or the arrows at the bottom of each page, and you will be guided through the mandatory faculty orientation. You will also find a link to the mandatory Student and Faculty Orientation packet as well as the required forms to be submitted to the appropriate clinical placement coordinator prior to the beginning of your clinical rotation.

If you are an undergraduate nursing student, review the information found in the 2018-2019 Faculty Student Orientation Packet.

  • All student and faculty required documents must be submitted prior to any students beginning their clinical experience.
  • No student will be allowed to start clinicals until all requirements set forth in the affiliation agreement are met.
  • All approved Clinical Hub slots must have a student and instructor assigned no less than 2 week prior to the first clinical date.
    • Contact information for instructors in the Clinical Hub must contain the phone number the instructor will be using during clinical hours (not an office number).
  • All unassigned slots will be "unapproved" and made available for other programs to utilize.
  • Instructors must contact the nurse managers prior to any students beginning their clinical experience to arrange unit specific orientation and provide the following information:
    • Number and level of students
    • Faculty contact information
    • Dates and shifts on unit
    • Specific clinical objectives including
    • Limitations and what patient care will be done by students
    • Number of patient’s each student will be assigned
    • Person responsible for making assignments
    • What staff can expect from faculty (how often will rounds be made, what skills will be supervised by faculty, etc.)
  • All student-patient assignments should be posted in a designated area on the unit.
    • When making assignments, instructors should be aware of the type of isolation a patient is prescribed. A student may not take care of a patient with TB unless the student has been fit tested with the appropriate mask.
    • Students and/or instructors should ask patients' permission to care for them before the assignment is finalized
  • Please refer to the Clinical Hub for nurse manager contact information:
  • In accordance with Affiliation Agreement, Clinical Faculty Shall:
    • Remain in the facility at all times directly supervising students.
    • Adhere to the clinical dates, locations and number of students in The Clinical Hub.
    • Provide verification that students and faculty have read all orientation material by submitting the 2017-18 Orientation Sign-In Sheet.
    • Contact the dept director/manager for orientation to the nursing unit.
    • Provide a current BLS record, background check, record of required immunizations, negative PPD and negative drug screen.
    • Adhere to all facility policies including dress code and confidentiality requirements.
    • Ensure students do not perform any skills/actions that are restricted by the facility.

Thank you for completing the documents required to participate in clinical rotations within INTEGRIS. We want to meet your needs and will accommodate those who have followed all instructions. Due to the large volume of requests for computer access sign-ons and the regulatory requirements related to facility orientation and information security we are only able to process documents that have been submitted correctly (meaning that you have included all supporting materials requested). When preparing and submitting documents, please pay attention to detail with the same rigor you afford your professional practice.

The listed documents must be submitted prior to beginning of clinical rotation.

  • 2017-18 Orientation Sign-In Sheet
    • Must be sent as a fax or email attachment along with the Confidentiality Statements and NESA Clinical Requirements Spreadsheet to appropriate clinical placement coordinator
  • Mandatory Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program
    • All students and faculty are required to receive the seasonal influenza vaccine or provide documentation of waiver for medical/religious reasons.
  • Confidentiality Statement
    • Must be signed by all students and faculty
    • Must be sent as a fax or email attachment along with 2017-18 Orientation Sign In Sheet NESA Clinical Requirements Spreadsheet to appropriate clinical placement coordinator
  • IH Epic Computer Access Request Sign-In Sheet
    • Must be completed electronically and returned as an xlsx document via email attachment.
    • Refer to the "About Student/Faculty" page of this orientation site for more detailed information.
  • NESA Clinical Requirements Spreadsheet
    • Must be sent as a fax or email attachment to the appropriate clinical placement coordinator

Other documents available online:

Faculty and Student Clinical Evaluations

  • Complete and submit to Clinical Placement Coordinator at the completion of rotation
  • Please bring concerns to the attention of the team lead, clinical director or clinical placement coordinator immediately. It is difficult to address something that is not known to us until weeks later.

Exit Interviews

  • Please contact the Clinical Placement Coordinator to arrange a very brief exit interview during your final post conference if desired.

Parking (INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center) - View Map

  • Students and faculty are required to park in employee parking located across from the east entrance of the hospital on Independence Street.
  • Parking garages are reserved for patients and visitors and are monitored by security.
  • Campus Security: (405) 949-3425

Parking (INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center) - View Map

  • Students and faculty are required to park in employee parking located on the far east side of the campus (corner of SW 44th & Western)
  • Campus Security: (405) 949-3425

Parking (INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital) - View Map

Welcome to the INTEGRIS Nurse Residency Program

*Please note: This information regarding class enrollment, orientation, and clock-in instructions are contingent upon an offer for employment with INTEGRIS as a Nurse Resident. The employment offer is contingent upon the completion of your pre-employment screening (including employee health and background checks) and the completion of your new hire paperwork.


This program is for those employees who are new to the RN role (less than 6 months of licensure) to benefit you in your transition to this new professional role.

We want to provide you with some information that will be valuable in assisting with your transition into the Nurse Resident role. We will be holding a Nurse Residency Orientation session monthly to give you more detailed information and answer your questions regarding the Nurse Residency Program. We will be contacting you with specifics on place and time via the email address you provided to HR upon application.

If you are a NEW employee—don’t forget to schedule your Employee Health appointment. This is the most common point of delay for hiring to be completed, so please schedule ASAP. You may schedule at any campus regardless of where you are being hired; sometimes the availability of appointments will fit your schedule better at another office.

Reminder—please request an official copy of your transcript from your school that INCLUDES YOUR DEGREE and take to Human Resources to complete your file.

Please make it a habit to check your INTEGRIS email as that will be the method of communication for most important information from us and from your manager.

We hold monthly residency seminars for our staff in these positions, and it is the expectation of your managers that you attend these seminars. Sometimes we hold “breakout” sessions by specialty and sometimes the session is as a large group.

Also, there is a specialized clock-in method for all those participating in the Nurse Residency. Use this method for both time in class and when working on your unit for the entire time you are on orientation. Please use the method explained/given to you by the Nurse Residency coordinators starting with your first day of Nurse Residency.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance with your Nurse Residency orientation.

Sandy Hill, MSN, RN-C