Continuing Nursing Education

Nursing professional development builds on the basic education and experience of nurses throughout their professional careers for the ultimate goal of ensuring the quality of health care to the public. Although professional nurses remain ultimately responsible for their ongoing professional development, INTEGRIS as a provider of continuing nursing education, shares in this responsibility of providing continuing education hours.

There are activities that assist professional nurses in accomplishing this task. Through these activities, nurses can earn continuing education credit hours.

Start defining your future by considering one of the following Nursing Continuing Education and Professional Development Paths.

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Thinking About Continuing Nursing Education and Professional Development?

We have a number of programs to choose from.

All advanced practice nursing student placements are determined by the individual practitioners and requests should be directed to the APRN or provider with whom the student wishes to complete his or her clinical experience. Clinical Education does not assist in this aspect. All Pre-Clinical Requirements must be submitted to the appropriate clinical placement coordinator listed below.

Clinical Placement Coordinators

Kathy Stallcup, MSN, RN
ISMC/ ICVH Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 405-951-2435
Fax: 405-713-7624

Terri Smith, MSN, RN
IBMC/ IHE Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 405-949-4116
Fax: 405-713-7653

Jamie Loomis, RN, BSN
IBBHC (Enid) Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 580-548-1376
Fax: 405-553-5627

Greg Smith, RN
IBRHC (Miami)/IGGH (Grove)
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 918-540-7476
Fax: 918-540-7477

Darcee Gibb
INTEGRIS Medical Group Clinics Clinical Placement Coordinator
Phone: 405-951-2315

Thank you for your interest in the INTEGRIS Student Shadowing Program. We are excited that you are willing to take the time to learn more about the many exciting and rewarding opportunities in healthcare. We offer non-academic shadowing opportunities in the following clinical areas:

Contact Tara Vogt for the following:

  • Registered Nursing
  • Radiology Technologist
  • Ultrasonography
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Dietary

Contact Jaime Graham-Smith for the following:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy

*If you are interested in shadowing a physician, or a physician's assistant, please visit the following page for more information: Continuing Graduate Medical Education

Click here to download the Student Shadow Application. For more information regarding this program, please contact Tara Vogt (Registered Nursing, Radiology Technologist, Ultrasonography, Respiratory Therapy, and Dietary) or Jaime Graham-Smith (Speech Therapy, Musical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Recreational Therapy).

Tara Vogt, BSN, RN
Nursing Shadow Coordinator
Office: 405-949-3179
Cell: 405-778-1131
Fax: 405-979-9837

Jaime Graham-Smith
Administrative Secretary
Therapy Shadow Coordinator
Office: 405-644-5380
Cell: 405-881-1217
Fax: 405-815-6941