Nurse Residency Orientation Schedule

*Please note: This information regarding class enrollment, orientation, and clock-in instructions are contingent upon an offer for employment with INTEGRIS as a Nurse Resident. The employment offer is contingent upon the completion of your pre-employment screening (including employee health and background checks) and the completion of your new hire paperwork.

This program is for those employees who are new to the RN role (less than 6 months of licensure) to benefit you in your transition to this new professional role.

We want to provide you with some information that will be valuable in assisting with your transition into the Nurse Resident role. We will be holding a Nurse Residency Orientation session monthly to give you more detailed information and answer your questions regarding the Nurse Residency Program. We will be contacting you with specifics on place and time via the email address you provided to HR upon application.

If you are a NEW employee—don’t forget to schedule your Employee Health appointment. This is the most common point of delay for hiring to be completed, so please schedule ASAP. You may schedule at any campus regardless of where you are being hired; sometimes the availability of appointments will fit your schedule better at another office.

Reminder—please request an official copy of your transcript from your school that INCLUDES YOUR DEGREE and take to Human Resources to complete your file.

Please make it a habit to check your INTEGRIS email as that will be the method of communication for most important information from us and from your manager.

We hold monthly residency seminars for our staff in these positions, and it is the expectation of your managers that you attend these seminars. Sometimes we hold “breakout” sessions by specialty and sometimes the session is as a large group. 
Also, there is a specialized clock-in method for all those participating in the Nurse ResidencyUse this method for both time in class and when working on your unit for the entire time you are on orientation.  Please use the method explained/given to you by the Nurse Residency coordinators starting with your first day of Nurse Residency.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance with your Nurse Residency orientation.

Sandy Hill, MSN, RN-C