Our Philosophy

The Oklahoma Hand Fellowship Program is a twelve-month period of concentrated study, designed to provide the Fellow with in-depth hand surgery education. The program offers a comprehensive, balanced and consummate education, which consists of teaching, patient care and research. The Program Director, the supporting faculty and staff, and the sponsoring institution are fully committed to ensure immutable success of the program and excellence in education. An intellectually stimulating environment is created for acquiring knowledge, clinical skills and judgment, and the moral attitudes essential to practice hand surgery.

The Fellow is prepared for a future hand surgery career by developing the necessary compassion towards patients and professional conduct towards peers. The Fellow is prepared by developing proficiency in evaluating and treating hand injuries and diseases, and acquiring the fundamental skills necessary to continue a lifetime of learning and growth. The Fellow is instructed how to approach treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, to perform surgery and develop sound surgical skills and judgment; but, more importantly to know when to operate (indications) and when not to operate (contra indications).

Professional Conduct is imperative and promoted among fellows who are required to adopt the American Society of Surgery of the Hand Code of Ethics and Professionalism that was developed in 2007 by the program director. Further information about professional responsibilities among hand surgeons and fellows can be viewed at the program director’s 2017 presidential address for the American Society of Surgery of the Hand.   

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