Graduate Testimonials

Richard Lee, M.D.
In practice: Oklahoma City, OK

Richard Lee"At Great Plains, I received the skills needed to practice independently. The attending physicians were very helpful in guiding me through to competency. I really enjoyed spending time with the other residents - we had a great deal of fun together."

Tanya Livingston, M.D.
June 2002
In practice: INTEGRIS Family Care, Yukon, OK

Tanya Livingston"Great Plains is different than the other residencies because it's "real" medicine in "real" hospitals. It isn't just at an academic facility. You really get a chance to see how private hospital are run - that was invaluable. Applicants need to know it's very hard work because it's room for slacking - it will be noticed. But, with the smaller size of the residency comes greater opportunity to do procedures, work one-on-one with the private attending, which was the best part for me. You are not six residents deep trying to learn. I enjoyed the structure of the call schedule. It was so intimidating at first, but you gain so much confidence with it."

Robert Lockwood, M.D.
June 2002
In practice: Yukon, OK

Robert Lockwood"There are a lot of good programs, but Great Plains had the more enthusiastic attendings and great hospital systems in which to work. The residents were happy about their situation and wanted to be there. I chose GPFM because of opportunity, autonomy, attendings and location. I enjoyed the relationships I built there - I am currently in practice with three of the other graduates and stay in regular contact with the attending physicians. The evidence based medicine slant to the Great Plains program is an obvious strength, one which is gaining even more importance due to the coming performance oriented contracts. Even more important, I always had the feeling that I was doing things the right way that benefited the patients. The OB program was very strong. The attendings really want you to learn it's not all about the work. My best memories were taking care of patients both in happy times while delivering babies and during sad times helping families cope with terminal diagnoses or the death of loved ones. I will also fondly remember the other residents working, learning and helping each other get through the challenges that all residents have. I always feel prepared to care for my current patients because of the training I received at GPFP. The other residents I speak to always agree, "No better place to have spent my time in training."

Kyle Rickner, M.D.
June, 2001
In practice: Yukon, OK

Kyle Rickner"I enjoyed Great Plains' "real world" training atmosphere at a non-academic center setting and having rotations with private practice physicians. I was treated like a real physician by nurses and ancillary staff at the hospitals. There were no competing residencies and no in-house call for the last two years, which allowed for moonlighting opportunities which were also terrific learning experiences. We were treated with respect and encouraged to think and act on our own, creating an independent style of learning which translates to private practice very well. The residency inside a health network system gave me an opportunity to learn firsthand what private practice might look like...this is also highlighted by faculty members who have practices themselves. I felt very prepared for private practice - even though I had to do the army thing first!"

Larry Ruffin, D.O.
In practice: Choctaw, OK

Larry Ruffin"Great Plains was a very family oriented environment - nearly everyone had children and we were given the time off needed and always encouraged to invest in our families. The faculty was not only knowledgeable, their combined expertise made for well-rounded training, which made me a more well-rounded physician. GPFM made me aware of obstacles I would encounter in practice and how to overcome them."

Robert Todd, M.D.
In practice: Edmond, OK

Robert Todd"There are many advantages to the smaller program at Great Plains. With only five residents in each class, we were all able to work directly with the attending and see a lot of patients. Great Plains is so much closer to real life in a fabulous private hospital setting. I'll never forget the high degree of camaraderie among the other residents and myself. It was a very special time in my life and to be part of it all was a real blessing."