INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Clinical Development

Career Excellence Development

The concept of the Career Excellence Development (CED) program is to recognize and reward those who strive to better themselves beyond the normal job standards and expectations.  It promotes career development toward excellence in practice. 

The objectives of the Career Excellence Development program are:

  1. To recognize and reward clinical staff for self-acquired clinical diagnostic expertise and actively apply this knowledge in their field by transferring it to colleagues, new professionals and integrating this knowledge into practice.
  2. To retain clinical staff by focusing on individual achievement and rewards.
  3. To attract superlative applicants for vacant positions.
  4. To promote clinical excellence in the professional practices of rehabilitation through development of evidence-based and innovative approaches.

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Employees should use the links below to submit for a CED:

Journal Article Review Submission Form

Project or Activity Submission Form

Note:  Effective August 2019 - All CED applications will be reviewed by the Project Steering Committee at the quarterly meeting.

Click here for the most recent version of the CED guidelines.