As of May 2022, INTEGRIS Health is an approved provider for continuing education through the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision for Physical Therapy.  

Information regarding approved providers can be found on the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision website

The following information is from the Oklahoma Administrative Code Title 435. State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision Chapter 20. Physical Therapists and Assistants: 

435:20-9-1 “Provider means an entity that has been approved by the Board to provide professional development activities for licensees as provided in the rules of [Section 9 of the Administrative code]”.  

435:20-9-3.1 Approval of providers (b): “Once a provider is approved, the professional development activities offered by that organization are approved for credit and no application must be made to the board for approval.”

INTEGRIS Health Provider Number: BAP202310001

List of courses available for Physical Therapy through INTEGRIS Health: 


Course Title

Initial Course Date Available On-demand Credit Hours Individual Approval Code (assigned prior to approval)

Stop Lifting: Clinical Decision Making for Functional Transfers


YES 1.0 202311563

5 Solutions to 5 Problems You Didn’t Expect with Parkinson’s

1/11/2022 YES 1.0 202311747

COVID-19 and Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation


YES 1.0 202311566
When to Refer to Pelvic PT Caregiver 1/19/2022 YES 1.0 202311564
Cardiopulmonary Considerations for Rehab in Healthy and Special Populations 1/26/2022              YES 1.0 202311565

Mental Health and Neurorehabilitation

2/9/2022 NO 1.0 202311905

On the Rules of Ethics and Supervision


YES 1.0 202312000

Upper Limb Loss Prosthetic Rehabilitation: An Introductory Course

2/28/2022 NO 1.0 202312024

Principles of Orthopedic Management of the Lumbar Spine


2 HOURS ONLY 10.0 2023120078

Substance Use Disorders and Impact on Medical and Rehabilitation Outcomes

3/10/2022 YES 1.0 202312130
Addressing Insight and Awareness Deficits in Brain Injury Rehabilitation 3/17/2022 YES 1.0 202312070

In Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation Following an Acquired Brain Injury


YES 1.0 202312131

Neuroprotective Feeding Development of the Neonate & Infant

3/23/2022 YES 1.0 202311903
Rehabilitation Evidence: Find it, Appraise it and Use it in Everyday Practice 4/14/2022 YES 1.0 202311904

Transtibial Amputations: Limb Characteristics and Early Introduction of Adjustable Sockets


NO 1.0 202312134

Tracheostomy and Ventilator Basics for Rehabilitation Professionals

4/25/2022 YES 1.0 202312133
Heart Success: A New Lease on Life 4/26/2022 YES 1.0 202312228

Physical Therapy Management of the Obstetrical Patient


NO 8.0 202311797

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness and how to Implement Strategies in Rehabilitation Practice

5/3/2022 YES 1.0 202312254

Provocation/Alleviation Testing of the Lower Quarter


NO 1.0 202312151
The Role of Recreational Therapy in the Interdisciplinary Team 5/31/2022 YES 1.0 202312287
Introduction to the NeuroNode Trilogy 6/8/2022             NO 1.0 202312327

Blood Flow Restricted Exercise

6/9/2022 YES 1.0 202312328

Basic Wound Care for Hand Therapy

6/16/2022 YES 1.0 202312329

Driver Rehabilitation after Brain Injury or Stroke: The Road to Recovery

6/30/2022 YES 1.0 202312330

Dizziness Evaluation and Treatment in Acute Care

7/20/2022 YES 1.0 N/A

Medications Commonly Used in Stroke Recovery

7/23/2022 NO 1.0 N/A
Stroke Rehabilitation: Medical Considerations for the Rehabilitation Professional 7/23/2022 NO 1.0 N/A

Physical Therapy Concepts in Stroke Recovery


Not Currently 1.0 N/A

Maintaining Skin Integrity for Patients Following a CVA

7/23/2022 NO 1.0 N/A
Communication for the Patient with Aphasia 7/23/2022 Not Currently 1.0 N/A

Applied Neuroanatomy in Stroke Rehabilitation


Not Currently 1.0 N/A

Pushing Back Against Pusher’s Syndrome: Contralateral Pushing and Post Stroke Rehabilitation

7/23/2022 Not Currently 1.0 N/A
Using Aquatic Therapy to Improve Gait and Balance with Stroke Patients 7/23/2022 Not Currently 1.0 N/A

Neglect following Acquired Brain Injury

7/23/2022 NO 1.0 This course was presented and approved by Hanger Clinic

How do our Patients Measure Up: Outcome Measures for the Stroke Population

7/23/2022 NO 1.0 N/A

Edema Management of the Neurological Hand

7/24/2022 Not Currently 1.0 N/A
Ankle Foot Orthoses: Patient Evaluation and Design Criteria 7/24/2022 NO 1.0  

This is How We Rolle: Wheelchair Selection for the Patient with a Stroke


Not Currently 1.0 N/A

Acute Concepts in Stroke Rehabilitation

7/24/2022 Not Currently 1.0 N/A
Inpatient Rehab Treatment Strategies for Maximizing Recovery in the Acute and Subacute Stroke Patient Populations 7/24/2022 Not Currently
1.0 N/A

Outpatient Concepts in Stroke Recovery


Not Currently 1.0 N/A
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation
7/24/2022 NO 1.0 N/A