Medical, Dental & Allied Health Professional Staff Roster for INTEGRIS Health Facilities

We have consolidated the roster of providers currently on staff to include the following organizations:

  • INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center
  • INTEGRIS Miami Hospital
  • INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center (Enid)
  • INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital
  • INTEGRIS Health Edmond
  • INTEGRIS Grove Hospital (Grove)
  • INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
  • Lakeside Women's Hospital
  • INTEGRIS Bass Pavilion aka Northwest Specialty Hospital (Enid)

There may be several reasons the provider is not listed including: currently an applicant in process, an alias is used (maiden/married name), an archived provider, on Leave of Absence, in the Temporary category or we simply may not have any information for the provider.

If you do not see the provider’s verification information on this roster please email or call 405-951-2039. You can also contact the organization you are requesting information from directly.

For a description of the staff categories, please click the link below for the corresponding facility information.