INTEGRIS Facility Application Packets

Thank you for your interest in applying for appointment to the Medical Staff or Allied Health Professional Staff at an INTEGRIS Health Inc. facility. We process applications in the order they are received and will process applications as expeditiously as possible, with a goal of completion within 45 days of an application that is ready to process.

For the purposes of credentials verification, the application is considered complete and ready to process when (1) All questions on the application form have been answered and necessary additional explanations provided; (2) All supporting documentation has been supplied. This means that necessary signatures and dates are in their proper places and that fax numbers and/or email addresses are provided for facility, work history, peer references etc. Stating “See C.V.” in lieu of providing complete information is NOT acceptable.

INTEGRIS Health Credentialing Documents:

MD, DO, DDS, PA, APRN, CRNA, DPM, PhD - click link below:

Physician - Independent AHP Initial Application Packet

For use by current credentialed INTEGRIS Practitioner: You may request appointment to an additional INTEGRIS facility by contacting a Medical Staff Services Professional; and they will get you correct facility-specific paperwork.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the Medical Staff Specialists listed below.

Karen Allen, CPCS
Senior Medical Staff Professional

Angi Maxwell-Duverger, CPMSM, CPCS
Medical Staff Services Professional

Marilyn Fick
Senior Medical Staff Professional

Leigh Anne Gibson
Medical Staff Specialist

Mercy Mathews
Allied Health Professional Specialist



If you do not get a response from one of the above mentioned staff, our main line office number is 405-951-2039 and Leadership is below:

System Director
405-951-2626 phone
Linda Marrs, CPCS
System Manager

Kim McBride
System Manager, Medical Staff Quality

Pam Faust, CPCS, CPMSM
System Director Medical Staff

Upon completion of the application packet, the documents can be faxed to the INTEGRIS Medical Staff Services Central Verification office.

Below is a listing of all the Medical Staff Professionals within the entire INTEGRIS System:

Facility Contact Information - Facility Specific Contact Information for obtaining Delineation of Clinical Privileges.