Nursing Student and Faculty Orientation

We want to extend a hearty welcome to all nursing students and faculty members coming to INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center (IBMC), INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center (ISMC), INTEGRIS Health Edmond (IHE), INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital (ICVH), INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center in Enid (IBBHC), INTEGRIS Miami Hospital (IMH), and INTEGRIS Grove Hospital (IGH) for clinical rotations this school year! We are committed to helping you meet your clinical objectives by providing a variety of meaningful clinical experiences.

If you are a clinical instructor, please follow the links at the left and you will be guided through the mandatory faculty orientation. You will also find a link to the mandatory Student and Faculty Orientation packet as well as the required forms to be submitted to the appropriate clinical placement coordinator prior to the beginning of your clinical rotation.

If you are an undergraduate nursing student, review the information found in the 2018-2019 Faculty Student Orientation Packet.

Advanced practice/graduate nursing students: All advanced practice nursing student placements at INTEGRIS are determined by the individual practitioners and requests should be directed to the APRN or provider with whom you would like to complete your clinical rotation. Clinical Education does not assist in this aspect. However, we do assist with ensuring the Pre-clinical Requirements are met once the student has secured a preceptor.

Clinical Placement Coordinators: