Nursing Education Opportunities

INTEGRIS Health Nursing Education and Research

Listed here are just a few of the nursing retention and education programs available to INTEGRIS Health RNs.

Program for INTEGRIS Health RNs and LPNs who need financial assistance to attend a clinical education conference.

Application (nursing grant and loan) deadlines: first Friday in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Education assistance for INTEGRIS Health caregivers and members of our community who are pursuing their education in registered nursing.

Application (education assistance application) deadlines: June 1 and Nov. 1

Education assistance for INTEGRIS Health RNs returning to school to advance their registered nursing education (B.S.N., M.S.N., D.N.P., Ph.D.).

Application (education assistance application) deadlines: June 1 and Nov. 1

Annual bonus program for INTEGRIS Health RNs who have acquired a national certification through a recognized accrediting organization within their area of clinical specialty.

Application deadlines: March 1 and Aug. 1

Registered nurses in direct patient care, leadership and support roles applying to take their national certification exam within their nursing specialty are eligible for exam assistance at the “professional organization membership” rate at the time of submitting their exam application. All employment statuses are eligible (FT, RPT, OPT/PD).

RNs accepted into this plan are eligible to receive 40 hours pay for 36 worked hours per week. This plan requires the employee to work 24 hours each week on a weekend shift and 12 hours on a weekday shift determined by the department director. For more information, please contact your department director.

Advancing through Clinical Excellence. Become an INTEGRIS Health ACE! If you are a bedside RN with three years experience or equivalent and at least one year of RN service at INTEGRIS Health, you are eligible to apply for this program and earn an annual bonus of up to $2,500. Application deadlines are March 1 and Oct. 1. For more information please contact your department director. 

To improve the communication within patient care services, the Council of Nursing Excellence and the Clinical Practice Council invite you to visit NurseNet, a website designed specifically for the clinical staff at INTEGRIS Health. You’ll find valuable information about clinical nursing including information on education opportunities, nursing retention programs, policies and procedures, and much more. INTEGRIS Health caregivers can log on to The Source (intranet), click on Clinical Hotspots, then click on NurseNet to learn more.