Learn About Diversity at INTEGRIS Health

At INTEGRIS Health, we believe strongly in the Power of Diversity - valuing and respecting individuals for their unique contributions. We are many faces but one vision...and we recognize that our future depends on an ever-changing mosaic that makes up our more than 9,000 employees in rural and metro areas across this state. Our varied perspectives and experiences will fuel the passion and creativity necessary to provide Oklahoma's Most Challenging Healing.

Diversity is embracing a collective mixture of differences, similarities and related tensions that may occur in the work or patient care environment.

This is a truly unique description that is more expansive than before. It encompasses more than just race, age, ethnicity, gender, faith, ability, education, geography, culture, or social status. It goes without saying that these remain important. Just as important is striving to guard and protect original thinking, personal styles, culture, inclusion, past experience, team decision making, and creative problem solving. We also understand that it will take our collective courage to address the myriad of tough health related issues that will come along this journey's way.

Cultural Competence is ensuring that INTEGRIS employees have the awareness and capacity to address cultural issues that may occur. Culturally competent care accepts the patient's view and context of diverse values, beliefs and behaviors. It provides care that is more tailored to meet the patient's social, cultural, physical, mental, and linguistic needs.

Appreciating Our Differences

Above all, we believe that genuine diversity is not a destination, but a journey, and INTEGRIS Health is doing all it can to make the journey successful and empowering for every stake holder: our patients, employees, volunteers, and the community at large.