Kenneth Seres, M.D.

Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine


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Primary Location

3366 NW Expressway
Suite 380
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Kenneth Seres, M.D. is a gastroenterologist in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Seres has particular interests in diseases of the small bowel and regularly interprets capsule endoscopies. Capsule endoscopy is an innovative technique to digitally image a patient’s small bowel, an area of intestine not fully reached by conventional endoscopy. Dr. Seres is also interested in common esophageal complaints and offers pH and esophageal manometry studies to diagnose and treat these complaints.

Dr. Seres offers clinic appointments and performs endoscopic procedures at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital and Lakeside Women’s Hospital, in addition to his main practice at DDSI’s Baptist Medical Center office.

Accreditation / Boards
Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

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