Qualls Stevens, D.O.



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Primary Location

8 SW 89th St.
Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73130

Dr. Qualls E. Stevens is a board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in the treatment of cranial tumors, spinal lesions and lumbar and cervical spine injuries. He also provides treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome and performs minim ally invasive spine surgeries. 

Dr. Stevens' Special Interests Include:

  • Spinal Reconstruction
  • Disc Replacement
  • Micro Discectomy
  • Cervical & Lumbar Fusions
  • Carpal Tunnel Repair
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Injuries
Accreditation / Boards
American Osteopathic Association
New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; Neurosurgery - BroMenn Medical Center, Normal, Illinois

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