Important Dates

Important 2020 Dates

Below are important dates to remember about the Employee Wellness Program.

January 1 - Employee Wellness Program starts

February 3 - Walk Well session 1 starts

March 30 - Walk Well session 1 ends

May 4 - Walk Well session 2 starts

June 29 - Walk Well session 2 ends

July 31 - Last day to start:

  • WW
  • Physical Activity (Tracking/Check-ins)
  • Nutrition Counseling

August 3 - Walk Well session 3 starts

August 25 - Last day to start:

  • EAP
  • Nutrition Education Modules
  • Volunteering

September 28 - Walk Well session 3 ends

October 31 - Last Day to submit:

  • All Verification forms
  • Complete your Wellness Visit (including labs) with your Primary Care Provider
  • Be current all age/gender appropriate preventive care

November 30 - Last Day to submit dashboard changes

  • Wellness dashboards cannot be updated after November 30th.  What is reflected on your dashboard is the incentive amount that will be distributed in December.  If you do not notify Employee Wellness prior to November 30th of your dashboard discrepancies, you will not receive the full incentive amount.

December - Wellness Cash Incentive Payout

Most Lifestyle Management and Maintenance Programs do not have specific enrollment dates; you can enroll at any time.  The guidelines must be met by October 31, 2020. 

Please be sure to check your Employee Wellness Dashboard frequently.  Your dashboard reflects the information that Employee Wellness has received.  If you dashboard is not reflecting correctly, it is your responsibility to notify Employee Wellness to rectify the situation.  Incomplete dashboards will result in caregivers/covered spouses not receiving the full 2020 cash incentive amount.

For program details, please refer back to the Lifestyle Management and Maintenance Program page.