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Learn About Our Caregiver Wellness Programs

INTEGRIS Health Wellness Visit and Preventive Care

Complete your 2022 INTEGRIS Health Wellness Visit (including labs) between January 1st and October 31, 2022. Also, age and gender appropriate preventive care must be current. A preventive care visit may not be required this calendar year if you are current on the below guidelines. Please note, the frequency of preventive care may be different from what is listed below, for you. Please discuss your personal care plan with your physician.


Lifestyle Management and Maintenance Programs

The program options are to help you address your emotional and mental well-being, improve your eating habits, increase physical activity, learn how to quit tobacco and lose weight, as well as, help you maintain or improve your overall well-being.


Maternal Wellness

Pregnancy is an exciting time of major change and its especially important that we adopt healthy habits during pregnancy. From the very start, your baby-to-be alters your body and the way you live your daily life. We encourage you to get regular prenatal care, make sure you are well-informed when making decisions, and follow a healthy lifestyle. You will be helping your baby to have a healthy start in life and helping yourself to fill your best. INTEGRIS Health provides a variety of programs to help support your during your pregnancy and after delivery.


Care Coordination

Any active INTEGRIS Health Medical Plan caregiver or dependent with an INTEGRIS Health Partners (IHP) primary care physician is eligible for the Care Coordination program and the program's financial rewards benefit with a qualifying condition. The following qualifying conditions are: diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, and/or cardiovascular conditions.