Maternal Wellness

Maternal Wellness

Pregnancy is an exciting time of major changes and it's especially important that we adopt healthy habits during pregnancy. From the very start, your baby-to-be alters your body and they way you live your daily life. We encourage you to get regular prenatal care, make sure your are well-informed when making decisions, and follow a healthy lifestyle. You will be helping your baby to have a healthy start in life and helping yourself to feel your best.

Maternal Wellness Physician Visit Report

At a regularly scheduled prenatal visit with your OB/GYN, please take the below Maternal Wellness PVR.

After your visit, fax the form below to 405.552.8729 by October 31, 2020.
✓ Signed Maternal Wellness Physician Visit Report
✓ A copy of your visit summary

Maternal Wellness PVR

Completing this visit can help earn you $300 toward the maximum incentive.

Maternal Wellness Program Options

Below are the Maternal Wellness program options, specifically related to preparing you for the arrival of your baby. You will also find the verification and reimbursement forms.

If there is a program you don't see on the list, please contact for approval.

The more you know ...

Did you know that if you are covered under the INTEGRIS Medical Plan and choose to rent your breast pump, the rental cost can be reimbursed at 100% by the plan?

Did you know that if you are covered under the INTEGRIS Medical Plan and choose to purchase your breast pump, the plan will reimburse you up to $200 in related expenses per pregnancy?

Did you know that the INTEGRIS Retail Pharmacy has diapers available at a discounted price for employees?

Did you know that INTEGRIS has a Milk Bar Lactation Support Group?