Letter from the INTEGRIS Health Partners President

Carl Raczkowski
Carl Raczkowski, M.D.

Dear Colleague,

It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to consider joining INTEGRIS Health Partners. INTEGRIS Health Partners is a collaborative effort between physicians and INTEGRIS Health to deliver quality care to the citizens of the Oklahoma City metro in an efficient and coordinated fashion.

We have all felt the frustration of the rapidly changing health care environment. The INTEGRIS Health Partners’ approach to health care delivery will be truly different and not a repackaged version of the same old thing. The concept of the clinically integrated network allows the independent physician, the employed physician and INTEGRIS to work together to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. It provides a vehicle for communication and information sharing between members of the organization, coupled with outcomes data that will result in better health care delivery to patients.

INTEGRIS Health Partners is a physician-led network that allows us to practice medicine as individuals with the benefit of being partners with a patient-centered network. The board of directors is made up of physicians who have worked for several months crafting a network concept that addresses the needs of the patient, the physician and the health care system. As chairman, I am committed to ensuring that this network will bring value to your practice and meet the needs of your patients.

The need for efficient and affordable health care is not going away. The clinically integrated network has proven to be a valuable approach in other areas of the country and it provides a unique opportunity for us all. Please give serious consideration to joining us in this endeavor. I would be happy to meet with you at any time to discuss this opportunity and can be reached directly at 405-642-4340.


Carl Raczkowski, M.D.
Chairman, INTEGRIS Health Partners