About INTEGRIS Health Connect

What is INTEGRIS Health Connect?

INTEGRIS Health Connect is a complete electronic medical record and practice management system for physician practices, including registration, scheduling and billing functions. Through offering this affordable electronic medical record solution to other providers in our community, INTEGRIS Health hopes to connect patients across the entire system of care through a community EMR platform. We believe this will be a key factor in achieving more comprehensive and highly coordinated care for every person we serve and every provider we work with each day.

Who operates INTEGRIS Health Connect?

INTEGRIS Health Connect is an EMR platform operated by a dedicated team within the INTEGRIS Health Information Services Technology department located in Oklahoma City. INTEGRIS Health has implemented Epic across Oklahoma in an effort to develop highly integrated systems of care to transform health care in the communities we serve.

What facilities/physicians are currently on INTEGRIS Health Connect?

Since its start in September of 2016, INTEGRIS Health Connect has continued to expand and now serves dozens of medical practices and facilities in Oklahoma City and surrounding communities.

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One Patient. One Record. One Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business office functions are included?

INTEGRIS Health Connect integrates Epic’s complete practice management suite. It encompasses patient accounts and accounts receivable management, including patient statement production, electronic claims submission, electronic remits and insurance eligibility checking.

Can I access information remotely?

Yes. Epic can be accessed through a secure Web portal, providing physicians with full access to the Epic system from any device with internet access.

How do I get outside records into the electronic chart?

Outside results, referral letters and limited progress notes that are not in a digital format may be scanned into the INTEGRIS Health Connect system and displayed as an image for future reference.

Can other providers see my schedule?

No, staff outside of your practice cannot see your schedule or billing information.

How soon can the system be installed?

Once a contract is signed, we will put your practice’s implementation in our work queue and the team will begin the planning necessary to determine a schedule that meets the needs of our team and yours.

What is the price?

INTEGRIS Health uses a competitive pricing model. It has been structured to ensure affordability of the system and complies with the Stark exception and Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor regulations.

What is included in the price?

  • Licensing for all the Epic software,
  • ICD-10 and CPT files to aid in coding for easy diagnosis and order entry,
  • standard reports library,
  • preliminary readiness assessment,
  • electronic prescribing,
  • business objects for reporting,
  • system set up and training materials,
  • change readiness and training,
  • implementation services,
  • Epic system upgrades and Epic’s Quick Start Program Methodology.

Can other physicians access my patient records?

The goal of creating the system was to provide easy accessibility of records in the medical community through the efficiency of a shared, online record. Common access exists only for individual patient records. A list of patients in an individual practice, or any other type of data sorted by practice is accessible only to that practice.

Can other physicians access my practice information, like charges, billing, etc?

No. That information is not part of the shared system and will only be available to appropriate people in your practice.

Does this system connect to the hospital or other INTEGRIS Health doctors and services?

Yes! That is one of the key values of purchasing this system. You will be using the same record and have access to the same patient data as the INTEGRIS Health hospitals and all our physicians. This will enhance coordination of care among physicians throughout our region and ease access to essential patient information for every provider joining the community platform.

What are the advantages of using INTEGRIS Health Connect over something else?

There are many advantages to being a part of INTEGRIS Health Connect versus using an independent system for your practice. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Improved communication among providers. INTEGRIS Health Connect allows INTEGRIS Health and community providers to communicate electronically, which may result in improved care management. Additionally, the product provides embedded software tools for specific disease processes, like diabetes, asthma, and COPD as well as health maintenance reminders.
  • Improved efficiency for your patients. Patient data is instantly available to other providers. This speeds patient care, ensures complete information and spares your staff from having to pull charts, make copies or ask for duplicative information.
  • Patient records are already online. Data on many patients, including demographics and results from INTEGRIS Health facilities will already be in the system. This can save much of the data entry involved in getting an electronic medical record system up and running.
  • Nationally recognized, locally focused. While INTEGRIS Health Connect is supported and hosted locally to serve our local physician community, it uses a nationally recognized system – Epic. In our opinion and that of many others, Epic is the premier electronic medical record system available today.
  • You need to learn just one system. As you go from your office to the hospital, you only need to know one system and you have online and remote access to everything you need to provide patient care in a single place, making your work life much easier.

If you would like to do some additional research about the various systems available today, KLAS provides accurate, and impartial ratings of healthcare technology to help providers make informed decisions. Independent comparisons can be found at klasresearch.com.

Will using INTEGRIS Health Connect ensure I qualify for ARRA/Meaningful Use payment?

With INTEGRIS Health Connect, you can feel confident that you have a “qualified EMR” to contribute to your readiness for Meaningful Use. INTEGRIS Health Connect EMR functionality has been certified as meeting 100% of required criteria by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT).

What practices would benefit from using INTEGRIS Health Connect?

INTEGRIS Health Connect is for individual physician practices, group practices or clinics wanting a complete electronic medical record system. This includes both primary care and specialist practices. As INTEGRIS Health is offering INTEGRIS Health Connect for the purpose of improving clinical outcomes, and the quality and experience of patient care, it is important that practices joining this network also share these goals and this vision for our community.

What is included in INTEGRIS Health Connect?

It includes a comprehensive suite of applications.

  • EpicCare Ambulatory (electronic medical record system)
  • Cadence (scheduling)
  • Prelude (registration)
  • Resolute (professional billing system)
  • MyChart (patient portal)
  • Haiku and Canto (mobile device apps)
  • Cache’ (database architecture)

What is required of my practice?

  • Personnel: INTEGRIS Health Connect is a flexible electronic medical record system that may be customized to meet the unique needs of your practice. It is important to identify members of your staff who will assist the implementation team with your system’s initial workflow design, build and development.
  • Hardware: As you work with the INTEGRIS Health Connect implementation team, you will have the opportunity to discuss the design of your practice’s system, and all efforts will be made to minimize your front-end capital outlay and maximize the cost-effectiveness of your system over time. We will provide a list of hardware and connection requirements specific to your practice that will ensure optional functionality.

Will I need to buy new equipment?

Maybe. During the readiness assessment, which we will do prior to signing a contract, we will evaluate your current set up and outline the technical requirements needed to implement. We will also provide you with hardware specifications for any equipment you need to purchase.

What other costs should I expect?

The INTEGRIS Health implementation team will provide a list of hardware and connection requirements specific to your practice that will ensure optional functionality.

How long does it take to implement INTEGRIS Health Connect?

Implementation length will depend on the size and complexity of the practice, however; most practices can expect to spend between 12 and 20 weeks. This includes the planning and training needed to go-live. INTEGRIS Health Connect team members will also remain on-site for a limited period of time after go-live to provide direct support.

What support and training will my practice receive?

We will provide support and training needed for your practice to go live. On-site support will be provided for the first two weeks after the initial installation. Additional on-site support requests will be at an additional expense (current market rate). Education regarding system changes, upgrades or enhancements will be provided to end users. The impact to end users will determine if education will take place in a classroom setting, end user training guide or web based training. INTEGRIS Health Connect clients will follow the training recommendations set by the INTEGRIS Health System.

How do I migrate my existing data into this system?

We advocate a “going forward” approach rather than scanning in old records or hand-entering data that may never be used. Typically, we suggest retaining old paper records and abstracting or scanning data for active patients, typically all patients seen in the previous year. The most essential data is the demographic information, allergies, current medical issues and current medication list. Oftentimes, some of the patient data is already in the system if the patient has had an encounter with a INTEGRIS Health facility or physician.

Can patients access their own medical records through INTEGRIS Health Connect?

Yes, we will be offering MyChart, branded as INTEGRIS & Me, Epic’s patient portal application as a part of the INTEGRIS Health Connect package. This portal allows patients to access their lab results and medical history. Patients can also schedule appointments and communicate via secured messages (similar to email) with providers.

Is INTEGRIS Health Connect HIPAA compliant?

All health records and information related to the care and treatment of any patient are privacy protected under the regulations established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA Privacy Rule) and should only be used by medical personnel involved in a patient’s care. The INTEGRIS Health Connect electronic medical record system is encrypted and accessible only by authorized individuals through a secure login name and password. Any use of patient records by any persons for any reason other than those directly related to a patient’s continuity of care is a potential violation of HIPAA privacy regulations and may be punishable by fine and imprisonment under regulatory guidance.

How can I be sure patient data is confidential?

INTEGRIS Health has implemented security to protect against unauthorized access. Extensive physical safeguards, electronic, and administrative safeguards have been implemented to ensure the data is protected.