Cervical Cancer Prevention

This animation shows how a woman can reduce her risk of cancer of the cervix.

Cervical Cancer

Up to 93% of cervical cancers are preventable.

If detected early, cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable cancers. It’s also a preventable cancer, thanks to Pap and HPV testing. Through these screenings, pre-cancer in women can be found, treated and stopped before it really starts. Common risk factors are multiple sex partners, smoking, oral contraceptive use for more than five years and a family history. Symptoms may include vaginal bleeding or discharge, pain during sex or pain in the lower belly. To learn more about cervical cancer, call 405-773-6400.

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Cervical Cancer


Cervical Cancer Symptoms

This animation shows the various symptoms of cancer of the cervix.
Cervical Cancer Progression & Staging
Cervical Cancer Treatment
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Cervical Cancer

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