Diagnosis: Gail Bailey

Uterine cancer patient Gail Bailey's sister, Georgia, recalls the wave of emotions she felt after hearing Gail's diagnosis.

Uterine Cancer

Most cases occur after women have reached menopause.

Gail Bailey is a two-time uterine cancer survivor. During her treatment at INTEGRIS, she became very familiar with what she calls "the sounds of healing." When the door shut and the machine started, she just knew good things were happening … and she was right. Hear from Gail and her sister and learn more about uterine cancer through the videos below. To learn more about uterine cancer, call 405-773-6400.

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Uterine Cancer


A Recurrence of Cancer

Gail Bailey first had uterine cancer in 2006 and had a hysterectomy to take care of the problem. Her cancer returned in 2008.
Radiation and Brachytherapy
Graduation and Life as a Survivor
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Uterine Cancer

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