What is a Parasomnia?

Dr. Jonathan Schwartz describes parasomnias as any type of abnormal physical movement during sleep.


These can occur as you’re falling asleep or at any point in the sleep cycle.

A parasomnia is a type of sleep disorder that involves unwanted events or experiences that occur while you are falling asleep, sleeping or waking up. Sleep disorders in this category may include abnormal movements, behaviors, emotions, perceptions or dreams throughout the night without the individual’s knowledge, and occur when the motor or nervous system becomes active.

Although most common in children, parasomnias in adulthood can be brought on by sleep deprivation, anxiety, emotional distress, medication and other factors. Parasomnias that may require treatment can range from the mild teeth grinding, constant head movement and bedwetting to the more severe sleep terrors and sleepwalking. Find out more about the various sleep disorders classified as parasomnias below. To learn more, call 405-636-7700.

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Dr. Jonathan Schwartz breaks down the sleep disorder categories and how to recognize the signs of a potential sleep disorder.
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What is a Parasomnia?
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