Going Back to School, Safely.

Back to School

School starts soon and you might be asking yourself how you can send your child back safely. That’s why we’ve developed this resource guide, so you can be prepared.

COVID-19 has reshaped the way all of us live our lives – and that means learning to navigate the changes together.

And as school starts in the next few months, you might be asking yourself what school will be like for your child this fall. That’s why we’ve developed this resource guide, so you can be prepared for anything.

First of all, no one has an eye on your child’s health better than your family pediatrician. If you have an INTEGRIS pediatrician, scheduling a check-up is as easy as a few clicks or calling your physician’s clinic. Don’t have a pediatrician or family doctor? We can help you find one before the school year starts.


Is It Safe to Take My Child to the Doctor?

Absolutely. We’re doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our patients at our facilities. First, COVID-19 patients are in isolated units, separate from other patients. Second, we are intensifying our cleaning and disinfection process to protect you and your child. We’ve also developed new check-in policies for your visit, which includes a curbside COVID-19 screening.

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For Parents: College

For Parents: Student Athletics

What is the reopening plan from the Oklahoma State Department of Education?

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OKSDE) developed a comprehensive reopening plan for the upcoming school year. The plan contains guidelines for individual school districts on how to protect students as they return to learn.

Suggested guidelines developed by OKSDE include adopting COVID-19 policies for screening staff, students and visitors as well as emphasizing self-screening before coming to school.

However, it’s up to individual school districts to develop policies regarding school gatherings, social distancing and what to do when people get sick. Each school district will develop its own set of safety standards, so check their website for updates.

Read the full set of state guidelines here.

Let Us Find the Best Doctor for Your Child Before School Starts

If your child currently does not have a pediatrician, we can help you find one. Let’s give you the confidence to send your child back to school, safely.