The Connections series is a collection of episodes celebrating the human moments we all share – moments that illustrate what we mean when we say that INTEGRIS is here For you. For health. For life.

Episode 9: "119 Days"

Adrianne Ayers

As a single mom of three teenagers, Adrianne Ayers was always busy. But her life transformed completely when complications from the flu put Adrianne in the hospital for 119 days. Even with INTEGRIS Baptist’s life-saving ECMO treatments, Adrianne had no guarantee she’d ever leave the hospital alive. In those dark moments, it was the love from her friends, family and care team that gave her the strength to continue the fight for her life.


Adrianne Ayers: 119 Days

Adrianne Ayers was a healthy single mother of three; no one would’ve predicted the flu would bring her to death’s door.

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