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Episode 1: No Warning

Midwest City Firefighter
Rex McGee

Rex thought he was healthy. He didn't suffer from shortness of breath, chest pains or any of the typical heart disease symptoms. He exercised regularly and had even recently taken his family on a ski trip. Knowing the unique stress firefighting can have on the cardiovascular system, Rex's old friend and INTEGRIS cardiac nurse Carl Frownfelter recommended he get a HeartScan – a simple suggestion with a profound impact.


Rex McGee: No Warning

Rex had been on the life-saving side of heart attacks for decades when an INTEGRIS RN encouraged him to get a HeartScan - a simple test that saved his life.

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Caring for Your Heart - Together

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Lance Garner, M.D.: Window

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Lance Garner describes how when a heart attack strikes, we have a small window to intervene with some of the world's most advanced cardiac care to save someone's life.
Doug Horstmanshof, M.D.: Restoration
Heart Disease & Women
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No one can care for your heart like you.

The first and most important step in taking good care of your heart is understanding the basics of cardiovascular disease. Once you understand risk factors and the lifestyle choices you make that impact your heart's health, you can begin to take better care of it.

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