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What is an eConsult?

eConsult is an electronic method that allows you to you pose a specific, focused question regarding a patient’s diagnosis, therapy or management. A Mayo Clinic specialist will address your question in a clinical note after a review of materials, including pertinent pages of the patient’s electronic medical record, imaging studies and laboratory tests.

Before requesting an eConsult

Consult “AskMayoExpert” (AME) about your question before requesting an eConsult.

What makes a successful eConsult?

Mayo Clinic consultants strive to provide prompt responses to eConsults that effectively answer your physician’s question. Guidelines have been established for you to use when requesting an eConsult and forwarding medical information. Please limit medical record information to documents and timeframes relevant to your question. Mayo Clinic consultants will then be able to review the pertinent materials and respond to the eConsult question.

What is required for an eConsult?

Step 1: Identify the specialty area of the eConsult request.

Step 2: Define the primary reason for the eConsult:

  • Is the current assessment and/or approach correct?
  • What other/ongoing diagnostics should be considered?
  • Should other treatment/management options be considered?
  • Should the patient be seen at Mayo Clinic?
  • Is the patient a candidate for a research study?
  • Other, please indicate.

Step 3: Create a 1-Page Clinical Summary (first page of the eConsult submission)

This does not need to be a new clinical summary. The summary can be the most recent clinical note in your EMR, as long as the following components are included.

  • Primary Reason for Request
  • Specific question being asked
    • The question must be specific to your patient’s medical diagnosis.
    • The question must be obvious and succinct.
  • General supporting patient information (age, sex, medication list vital sign)
  • Summary of Medical Problem
    • Chief Complaint
    • Chronological history of present illness
      • History (relevant information from initial and past clinical notes)
      • Primary/differential diagnosis
      • Details of prior testing
      • History of prior treatments
  • Impressions and Plan

Step 4: Provide Additional supporting information to accompany the 1-page Clinical Summary

  • Clinical Notes in chronological order, current to oldest
  • Reports
  • Labs - Send labs dated within the most recent 6 months only. No labs > 6 months.
  • Imaging
  • Pathology
    • *See the eConsult Specialty Guidelines. – See attachment A.
    • ** Please send high-quality images and reports only.

Step 5: Limit the eConsult submission to relevant reports and images.

Step 6: Please check all documents for visual quality. Fuzzy or unreadable documents will not be viewed by Mayo Clinic.

Other Frequently Asked Questions regarding eConsults

Q: Can I send images or records from another facility when submitting an eConsult?
A: The MCCN member is responsible to ensure a Release of Information is on file between the outside entity and MCCN. MCCN must receive and save the images and/or records from the outside entity. Once received and reviewed for clarity by the MCCN member, attach the images to the e-consult using your standard processes.

Q: What do I do if I have submitted the e-consult request, but forgot to add an attachment or want to send additional information?
A: Contact [your eHealth Coordinator] at [enter your facility name here] responsible for submitting the eConsult to Mayo Clinic.

Q: Can I send two questions with my eConsult?
A: eConsults are limited to one question per eConsult request, unless the second question is a follow-up sub-specialty question to the original question. To request two questions for one patient, submit two eConsults.

Q: How do I request a “rush” e-consult for either inpatient or outpatient requests?
A: eConsults are not designed to provide immediate feedback for inpatient care. However, if the patient is long-term hospital stay, an eConsult for a hospitalized patient is acceptable. Reminder, there is a 2-3 business day turnaround time after Mayo Clinic receives the necessary reports and images. If there is an immediate need to discuss the patient’s care with a Mayo Clinic physician, contact [your eHealth Coordinator] at [enter your facility name here].

Q: Can INTEGRIS physicians with individualized access submit their own eConsults rather than have their eHealth Services Coordinator submit the eConsults?
A: Physicians are not trained on the technical requirements necessary to upload outside material(s) and images for an eConsult submission through Mayo Clinic’s portal. We recommend the centralization of eConsult submissions to your eHealth Services Coordinator who will be trained on all aspects of submitting eConsult requests and receiving messages and results through Mayo’s portal.


  1. Follow the eConsult Specialty Guidelines when selecting outside materials to send with the eConsult request.
  2. Ensure all images, reports are high quality and easily readable. Scanned and rescanned reports are difficult to read.
  3. Send pertinent lab results available within the last 6 months. If the labs are > 6 months, no need to send.
  4. Submit images dated within the last year only.

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