Our promise and an invitation.

Every one of us at INTEGRIS, from doctors to nurses, techs to therapists, security to greeters - chose health care for one simple but powerful reason: To help other people.

That’s why we extend an invitation to all Oklahomans to enter into a health care relationship with our INTEGRIS family. It’s a relationship that places you at the center, where you are respected, listened to and kept informed by your health care team. It’s a relationship that gives you access to the world’s best specialists and medical technologies, whenever you need them.

But most importantly, it’s a relationship with the INTEGRIS family. We’re committed to doing everything we can to help you and your family live well.


This is Our Promise

It's the promise that INTEGRIS extends to everyone – that everything we do, every single day is For you. For health. For life.

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Elise Schrop: Difficult Times

Dr. Schrop believes having compassion for patients during difficult times makes a big difference in helping them better understand what is next in the healing process.
Etta Nelson: 44 Years of Caring
Ryan Cooper: Seeing Someone Live
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