INTEGRIS to Purchase Deaconess Hospital

INTEGRIS Announces Definitive Agreement to Purchase Deaconess Hospital


First, thank you for your engagement during the INTEGRIS Deaconess transition. Now that the expected transition date is rapidly approaching, here are the next steps for employees transitioning to INTEGRIS. (Note: Only Step 3 applies to Deaconess employees already employed with INTEGRIS prior to 10/1.)

  1. All Transitioning Employees (FT, RPT and OPT) will need to complete the online modules through Healthstream (how to access Healthstream pdf) – “New Employee Orientation: Charting your Future at INTEGRIS”. These modules are required for compliance with The Joint Commission, and must be completed between 10/1 and 10/30. See the attachment for details on how to access the modules through INTEGRIS Employee Self-Service.
  2. All Full-Time and Regular Part-Time Employees should also attend a one-day New Employee Orientation session that will be held in the Legacy Conference Room at Deaconess from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. with 10 different dates throughout October to select from. Please discuss with your leader before signing up to ensure the date you select will not interfere with operations. These sessions are an opportunity for you to learn about the mission, vision, and values of INTEGRIS,  and an opportunity for us to personally welcome you to the INTEGRIS family of caregivers.

New Employee Orientation Available Dates

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. each day

Week 1

Wednesday October 3

Friday October 5

Week 2

Wednesday October 10

Thursday October 11

Saturday October 13

Week 3

Wednesday October 17

Friday October 19


Week 4

Wednesday October 24

Thursday October 25

Saturday October 27

Click here to select a date to attend New Employee Orientation.

  1. All Full-Time and Regular Part-Time Employees may begin enrolling in benefits on October 2. We offer all benefit eligible employees the opportunity to meet with a Benefits Specialist for assistance in enrolling in your benefits.

Click here to schedule an enrollment assistance session

How to obtain your INTEGRIS Badge beginning Sept. 24

Beginning September 24, 2018, all Deaconess employees transitioning to INTEGRIS Deaconess employment can begin the process for obtaining your new INTEGRIS badge.

  • All INTEGRIS Deaconess clinic employees must complete the badging process no later than Sept. 28.
  • Deadline for all other INTEGRIS Deaconess employees: Oct. 13.
Where/When Can I Get My Badge?
  • At INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center just inside the Concourse doors from the 56th St. Garage from 9/24 – 9/26, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Onsite at INTEGRIS Deaconess in the North Medical Office Building, Suite 123. (beginning on 9/27, Monday – Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m; Saturday [10/6 & 10/13 only]: 8:00 a.m. to Noon).
  • Or, any of the attached INTEGRIS badging locations, at the designated times.

Badges will be ready to pick-up from 10/1 to 10/13 at the above-mentioned locations & times.

 *Please bring your Driver’s license and your vehicle information: Make/Model & Tag #.

**Please keep your current Deaconess badges, as those will still be needed for various software systems & door accesses.

For any questions/concerns, please email:

Helpful Documents and Links


Deaconess operates under the AllianceHealth brand name in Oklahoma and the purchase does not include other AllianceHealth facilities in the state. INTEGRIS will continue operations in the Deaconess facility offering quality health care to area residents.

"This purchase will provide much needed additional capacity for INTEGRIS,” said Chris Hammes, Interim President & CEO, who added, “We see tremendous community benefit and anticipate a seamless transition.”

“Deaconess has offered quality health care services to local residents for many years,” said Damon Brown, Interim CEO, AllianceHealth Deaconess. Brown added, “We believe the combination with INTEGRIS sustains and enhances Deaconess’ commitment for delivery of quality health care and services to the community.”

Due diligence efforts continue, and the transaction is expected to close during the third quarter of 2018, subject to customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions.

Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC is acting as the exclusive financial advisor to INTEGRIS Health on this transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any new questions should be directed to your supervisor.
Your PTO balance at the time of the transition from Deaconess to INTEGRIS will transfer to INTEGRIS, and you will be permitted to use these accrued hours as Paid Personal Leave (PPL) at INTEGRIS. You will not, though, accrue any further hours as a part-time employee once with INTEGRIS
Regular part-time and occasional part-time employees should submit requests for time off to their supervisors in writing at least 72 hours in advance of the requested time off. Requests are reviewed and determined by business and scheduling needs of the department. Employees should check with their department supervisors to become familiar with any additional, specific departmental guidelines for requesting scheduled time off.
Your PTO balance at the time of the transition from Deaconess to INTEGRIS will transfer to INTEGRIS, and you will be permitted to use these accrued hours as Paid Personal Leave (PPL) at INTEGRIS. You will not, though, accrue any further hours as a part-time employee once with INTEGRIS.

We have several different RN positions so the shift differential amounts may vary. We have listed the shift differentials below for our most common RN Staff positions (RN-1, RN-2 & RN-3)

Shift Differentials - RN Staff (RN-1, RN-2 and RN-3
Evening Shift  $3.00
Night Shift $4.00
Weekend Shift $3.00

Eligibility for payment of unused, accrued PPL is dependent on your years of service.  If you terminate employment, or change status from full-time to part-time, you will be eligible to receive a percentage of PPL paid to you as a taxable payment as shown in the chart below, based on your INTEGRIS adjusted service date (which would include your Deaconess service history):


Percentage of accrued PPL eligible for cash out

Less than 3 years


3 to less than 7 years


7 to less than 10 years


Yes, the Children’s Place provides outstanding child care for children ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten at a discounted rate to INTEGRIS employees. Information regarding specific age availability and rates can be provided by the Children’s Place at 405-949-3750. Interested employees are encouraged to contact Children’s Place as early as possible to discuss options.
The “2018 Benefit Plan Pricing By Salary Band” information sheet is currently available on this page above. Click on the document name and the salary band information is listed at the top of each page.

Based on current information, we anticipate the transition to INTEGRIS to be completed by October 1. INTEGRIS employees are eligible to be considered for transfer within INTEGRIS after having been in their current position for at least six months. Current INTEGRIS employees will be eligible to apply for a transfers to Deaconess after the sale is finalized and they have been in their current position for at least six months.
INTEGRIS Clinical Education department offers a National Certification bonus program. RNs in direct patient care and support roles who have successfully completed the National Professional Specialty Certification recognized by the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC), National Certification Commission (NCC) or comparable national body may apply for the annual bonus.
A few night shift bonuses do exist to meet the needs of a specific unit or situation. Staff must meet all identified criteria to be eligible for these bonuses.
The 2018 medical, dental and vision plan price sheets will be posted on the website. Medical plan pricing is set based on annual base salary; there are three salary bands.
All options are still being considered; no final decision has yet been made. INTEGRIS is excited to welcome Deaconess, and its providers, into the INTEGRIS Health Network to expand our ability to improve the health of the communities we serve.
INTEGRIS intends to immediately maintain existing operations once the transaction is complete, and will continue communications with employees regarding any changes that may happen after the fact; most contracts require at least thirty days’ notice before any changes can be made. INTEGRIS will not likely terminate any contracts without providing adequate notice to vendors, and aims to provide options to any effected employees, as allowed by law.
These agreements are between you and CHS and will not apply to your employment with INTEGRIS. We hope you will choose to remain with INTEGRIS as we offer many educational and support programs for our new grad nurses through our Nurse Residency and Clinical Education programs. As CHS paid you the money, INTEGRIS will not be requiring you to pay back any amount.
Our goal is to hire all eligible Deaconess employees into their current position. You will be placed in an INTEGRIS job code but your role and existing operations will remain the same immediately following the transition. INTEGRIS employees are eligible to be considered for transfer within INTEGRIS after having been in their current position for at least six months. Current Deaconess employees will be eligible to apply for transfers within the INTEGRIS system six months after the sale is finalized.
All INTEGRIS employees follow the same dress code policy, and there are a few entities that choose to go a step further and standardize the scrub color. We will not be requiring an immediate change in scrub color at Deaconess, and will communicate any plans to do so in advance of a change, if there ever is one.
INTEGRIS has not made any decisions regarding how Deaconess will operate upon completion of the transaction. On Day 1 you should anticipate to continue business as usual, while we evaluate operations going forward. With respect to scheduling, INTEGRIS’ leaders are empowered to determine scheduling in their own departments in order to meet their own business objectives. So, your schedule will continue to be worked out between you and your leadership.
If you have any questions about outstanding loans from your current 401(k) plan, contact your current 401(k) provider for details and arrangements for payment of the remaining balance.
Yes, when the acquisition is final you will be able to transfer, or roll over your vested balances from the Deaconess 401(k) to your INTEGRIS Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) account. Fidelity, the record keeper for the INTEGRIS RSP plan does not charge a fee or penalty for completing the transfer to your new account. You should contact your current 401(k) provider for additional information about transaction fees that they may charge related to transferring your account.
If you have any questions about your current 401(k) plan, please contact your current 401(k) provider for roll over or cash out options.
Until the transaction completes, the name remains AllianceHealth Deaconess. Following completion of the transaction, the facility on Portland will be branded as part of the INTEGRIS system of hospital campuses. The specific name has not yet been determined. INTEGRIS will host a series of focus groups and review the history of Deaconess to consider the best name of that location going forward. Our goal always is to make certain patients and families who depend on the hospital and its services clearly understand where to go to receive the care they need.
Deaconess continues to recruit for its open positions, both full and part-time, and will recruit for those positions until the transaction completes. After the transaction completes, we will begin recruiting for those open positions, and INTEGRIS employees can apply for those open positions, including the part-time positions.
INTEGRIS will hire all Deaconess employees who are active with Deaconess as of the date that the transaction completes with the exception of those individuals who are ineligible for rehire at INTEGRIS and those individuals whose background screenings reveal convictions that would make them ineligible for hire at INTEGRIS. We are working with the Deaconess team now to understand the “furlough” status at Deaconess and whether this is considered active employment. We encourage all furloughed Deaconess employees to apply and move forward through the process while we obtain a firm answer.
INTEGRIS has reached an agreement to purchase AllianceHealth Deaconess and related businesses, including some physician clinic operations and outpatient services from Community Health Systems (CHS), Inc., headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. CHS through affiliates owns, operates and leases 119 hospitals in 20 states.
The acquisition is consistent with the INTEGRIS goal to improve access to care. Alignment with INTEGRIS allows Deaconess to continue providing quality health care, while at the same time providing much needed additional capacity for INTEGRIS.
As part of the agreement, INTEGRIS is agreeing to hire all employees in good standing and eligible for hire at INTEGRIS.
The goal is within the next 60 days, but additional time may be needed to ensure a successful transition, and subject to regulatory approvals.
Yes, AllianceHealth Deaconess will continue to operate independently and remain affiliated with CHS until the transaction is complete. Most important to all of us is continuing our professional focus on providing patients with safe, quality care.
We have an online portal available at where each employee will be asked to complete their employee profile information. The first step in becoming an employee is to visit the online portal and fully complete the information requested. The details provided will help us map you to an INTEGRIS position which is the best fit to your current position and to establish your employment record with INTEGRIS.
Within the next few weeks, we will provide “job number(s)” information specifically for Deaconess employees to be entered on our website. With this information, you can access and complete your employee profile application within our online system. We will also have HR Staff onsite beginning the week of July 9 to answer your questions and assist, as needed.
We will need all information necessary to build your employment record, including personal details such as date of birth and SSN, job history for the most recent 10 years, completed education & degree information, current licensure, registry and certification, as applicable.
No, a resume is not required, but you may upload, on the attachment tab, any helpful documents including, resume, copies of diploma / degrees or education transcript.
As part of the hiring process, we will conduct routine screenings such as a background check, health screening, and education & licensure verification as required for your position. Additional information or screenings may be needed depending on the specific position requirements.

Once you complete and submit your employee profile information online, our Recruitment staff will automatically be notified.  They will review the information provided and identify an INTEGRIS position that is the best fit to your current job and skill set.  Next, they will begin the routine screening activities.  If any information is needed, we will contact you by phone or email.  Please be prompt in returning calls and providing information to help expedite the process.  Once all activities are completed, we will contact you and set up a date/time to complete your employment paperwork. 

Our goal is to hire all eligible employees. We have a short timeline and we will need your assistance to ensure all required activities are completed within required timeframes. You can assist us in accomplishing this by completing requested activities and responding to calls or requests for information promptly.
Your current base pay rate will transition over to your new position. INTEGRIS will review compensation and some rates may change so that the rates are in line with the INTEGRIS assigned pay grade ranges. Additional pay, such as shift differentials, on-call pay or other special pays, may also be different depending on your position.
If you currently have an active position at both Deaconess and INTEGRIS, you will not need to complete the online application information. HR will work with you to incorporate your Deaconess position information and update your INTEGRIS employee record.
INTEGRIS has not made any decisions regarding changes to any vendors or service lines at this time; it is too soon to tell what changes will ultimately be made. INTEGRIS intends to immediately maintain existing operations once the transaction is complete, and will continue communications with employees regarding any changes that may happen after the fact.

INTEGRIS Employee Communications

Message Sent to All INTEGRIS Employees


INTEGRIS to Purchase Deaconess Hospital

We are pleased to announce INTEGRIS has signed an agreement to purchase all associated assets of AllianceHealth Deaconess, located near NW 50th & Portland in Oklahoma City, from an affiliate of Community Hospital Systems (CHS), Inc. headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

We believe this purchase of Deaconess is important to our growth because it will allow the facility to continue its operations as a quality community hospital while providing its patients seamless access to the advanced health services and capabilities of INTEGRIS. This purchase will also provide much needed additional capacity for INTEGRIS, specifically our Baptist campus.

This purchase of Deaconess includes its hospital and network of employed physicians and is expected to be completed within the next 90-120 days. During this period, AllianceHealth will continue to operate Deaconess. This purchase does not include other AllianceHealth hospitals in Oklahoma.

INTEGRIS has an assigned project team already working to ensure a smooth transition when the transaction is complete. In the meantime, our Human Resources and INTEGRIS Medical Group leaders will be hosting scheduled meetings on the Deaconess campus to answer any questions AllianceHealth employees and physicians may have.

We will keep you updated as we work to complete this exciting purchase, and our communications team will maintain up-to-date information on our INTEGRIS website where you will be able to submit your questions and find answers to other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The purchase of Deaconess is part of our ongoing efforts to improve access to INTEGRIS care for everyone in the community. Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Chris Hammes
Interim President and CEO

Beth Pauchnik
Interim Executive Vice President

Message Sent to All INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Employees

trendingINTEGRIS Baptist @TimJohnsen

Dear co-workers, medical staff and volunteers,

No doubt by now you’ve seen or heard the exciting news about the Asset Purchase Agreement that was signed today by the INTEGRIS Health Board of Directors and AllianceHealth Deaconess’ parent company, CHS. This is significant news for the hospital and community, and no doubt you will be asked many questions by your colleagues, friends and family. I will tell you what we know so far and will continue to keep you informed as we move forward in the coming months. Rumors may begin almost immediately, so I want to be a source of truth for you through this process.

One thing I do want to state upfront that will likely be one of the first rumors: we will indeed keep Deaconess open and have no plans to close that facility. A key reason we are working to acquire this facility is to address our community’s needs and improve access, not reduce it by any means.

As you all know, our hospital must frequently turn down patient transfers due to a lack of capacity, and by acquiring Deaconess, we can, almost overnight, be able to accept more patients and provide the access that our community and surrounding communities look to us to provide.

Please let me and/or your immediate supervisor know of any information you hear so that we can let you know if it is indeed fact or fiction. We are setting up a webpage just for this pending transaction where everyone can go to for the source of truth, the latest “frequently asked questions”, announcements, important meeting dates, the progress of the transaction and finally, a place for you to let us know about any rumors you are hearing so they can be addressed right up front.

Here's what I know as of today:

  • We have been working with AllianceHealth-Deaconess’ leadership at CHS since February regarding this potential transaction. All of us included in the process were bound by confidentiality; this is common with transactions of this size
  • The INTEGRIS Health board of directors and the IBMC Board of Directors are all very supportive of this transaction as evidenced by proceeding in the signing the Asset Purchase Agreement today
  • We see this as a mechanism to give us more capacity for the types of patients that both facilities care for
  • We are committed to hiring the co-workers and physicians of AllianceHealth Deaconess who are eligible for employment 
  • We will be having town hall meetings with the Deaconess physicians and co-workers in the coming days/weeks to provide some basic information about INTEGRIS and allay their fears about the pending acquisition
  • We have a general idea of the state of the physical plant (hospital) but will be doing a thorough assessment in the next 45-days to see what areas may need to be changed or improved, if any
  • We do not know exactly how the two organizations will come together in terms of service lines, patient mix or any other real plans. We have some initial thoughts but until we get to know them better, and are able to plan how we can best meet our patients' needs, it would be premature to guess what might work best for the two facilities
  • We do not know what the facility will be called when the transaction becomes finalized but will let you know as soon as we do
  • To ease communication, we will set up a webpage that is for this transaction only that you, and Deaconess co-workers, can look to frequently for updates
  • If all goes well, we would expect the transaction to “close” (like you would on a home purchase) in 60 - 90 days
  • This possible transaction not only includes the hospital building, but interest in four medical office buildings and ten leases with clinics as well
  • INTEGRIS Health has no current plans to acquire any other CHS properties
  • I know you will welcome our new colleagues and co-workers into the INTEGRIS family and display our values of Love, Learn and Lead

You may see some news coverage and information about this beginning today. I am very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to getting to know the AllianceHealth Deaconess team in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted of everything I can ... mostly through this web page. Please let me know of any immediate questions you may have and thank you for all you do every day for our patients and community.


Tim Johnsen President
INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center