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Do you want a job that is your calling, not just a career? What about a work family you can rely on? At INTEGRIS, we have both. And we’re inviting nurses with a variety of experience and specialties to come join our team.

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Stellar Signing Bonuses

- $10,000 for 1-5 years of experience
- $15,000 for 5-10 years of experience
- $25,000 for 10+ years of experience
Bonuses are paid in three payments over 36 months.



Andy Schuppert, RN

"We absolutely take good care of people. We absolutely care about our team, our friends."
Alba Marina Diaz-Aguilar, RN
Mallory Helstowski, RN
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How To Apply

Click the link below and you’ll be redirected to our external job application site. Just log in, or make an account, to start your application.