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A Strong Case For Screening

Today’s facts leave a lot to be hopeful about. About 300,000 new cases of breast cancer may be diagnosed this year. But 90 percent of breast cancer cases can be successfully treated if detected early. That’s why at INTEGRIS we not only encourage you to get a mammogram each year if you’re over 40, we also bring you the latest, most accurate, life-saving breast imaging technology. That means that we can reduce false positives and find over 40% more invasive cancers at earlier, more treatable stages.

The INTEGRIS Difference

Getting a mammogram is a highly personal experience. At INTEGRIS, we understand that. You may feel vulnerable and a little scared, but few clinics offer the level of professional competence and the compassionate touch that make a world of difference in a woman’s health journey. Our experience, expertise, and compassionate team create a comfortable environment for this vital breast exam.


Changes in your breasts are often early warning signs. Checking your breasts yourself at least once a month not only helps you have a good idea of what they should look and feel like – it means you’ll know right away if something changes. Any changes should be reported to your doctor and followed up on. Changes could include a new lump or mass, swelling, skin indentation on your breast, redness, or nipple discharge.


Cancer: From Dark to Light

A cancer journey is unlike any other – a time constantly changing between light and dark for everyone involved.


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Mammography FAQ

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurers to pay for annual mammograms starting at age 40, with no deductibles or co-insurance. A small number of grandfathered health plans sold prior to 2010 are the sole exception. “But the vast majority of insurers cover it. We cover it. *The cost of the mammogram will be billed to your insurance company. Please be sure to bring your health insurance information, health history and the name of your physician.

A screening mammogram once every 12 months.

Women 40 or older are covered.

  • Screening mammogram: You pay nothing for the screening test if the doctor or other qualified health care provider accepts your insurance.
  • For those that do NOT have insurance they may contact our Price Line, rates are also listed below:
Digital Screening Mammogram $220
3D Screening Mammogram $251