INTEGRIS Health Cancer Institute - Proton Campus

Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center

An outpatient cancer institute that provides:

  • More than 25 years of experience providing cancer treatment care for Oklahoma.
  • A trusted health care provider leading the market in quality, patient satisfaction and world-class centers of excellence, including the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma.
  • 24-acres of Oklahoma land dedicated to the expansion of leading-edge cancer-fighting technologies and unique approaches to cancer care.
  • Statewide system of experienced health professionals and other health leaders creating a consortium of knowledge unmatched in the state of Oklahoma.

A proton therapy treatment center that provides:

  • Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center offers state-of-the-art proton therapy in a supportive environment that focuses not only on treatment but on patients' overall wellbeing.
  • Innovative technology in proton delivery and patient care to minimize stress for patients and their loved ones during treatment at the Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center.
  • An experienced Oklahoma City based medical team comprised of leaders in the field who are known for their clinical excellence as well as pioneering new technologies for treating cancer.
  • A passionate and personal Care Team that will remain with each patient from consultation through post-treatment follow up by the Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center team.

Together the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute and Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center benefit patients through:

  • A coordinated approach to your cancer care.
  • Comprehensive cancer care and seamless patient experience.
  • Convenient access to services offered at the Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center and INTEGRIS Cancer Institute, both in Oklahoma City.
  • Consistent communication between the members of your cancer care team
  • Shared commitment to patient-centric care.
  • Access to one of America's most highly regarded proton therapy centers conveniently located in OKC.

If you are a patient with cancer and think protons may be beneficial for you or a physician who would like to refer a patient for proton therapy, please contact the Oklahoma Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City by calling the intake nurse at 888-847-2640.