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Heart Disease Can Be Beaten

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Heart disease is all about time: the time it takes to get to the ER during a heart attack or stroke, the time heart disease takes from you, and more importantly, the time you still have to prevent it.

At INTEGRIS Health, it couldn’t be simpler. A quick four-dimensional HeartScan from the state’s most advanced imaging system can give you a precise measure of calcium deposits in your arteries – and a clear picture of your heart’s health – in less than a heartbeat.

No injections. No dyes. No fasting. No referral needed.

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INTEGRIS Heart Hospital Offers Breakthrough Dynamic Volume CT System

INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is proud to offer Oklahoma’s first and only 320 Slice Dynamic Volume Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner. Canon's Aquilion ONE™ CT scanner is the world’s first dynamic volume CT system that revolutionizes patient care by helping reduce diagnosis time for heart disease and stroke from days and hours to minutes.

Computed Tomography is a diagnostic imaging test that combines X-Rays with computer technology. While CT uses X-ray technology, it is different from X-ray and MRI by the ability to display a combination of soft tissue, bones and blood vessels in a single image.

With this technology, physicians have the capability to see not only a three dimensional picture of the heart, but also but blood flow and function. The Aquilion ONE™ can scan one organ, including heart, brain and others; and captures images in a single rotation eliminating the need to reconstruct slices from multiple points in time.

The difference in Canon's Aquilion ONE™ 320 Slice CTCT Scanner

The Aquilion ONE is the most advanced CT system in the market. This dynamic volume CT in comparison to a 64-Slice, 128 slice or 256 slice CT scan can scan an entire organ in one single pass and produce 4D videos showing organ’s structure, movement and blood flow. The ability of this system to show organ function real time is a distinct advantage. For example, a 64-slice CT system can show blockage, but the Aquilion ONE™ can show blockage and how the whole organ and surrounding blood flow are functioning. In addition, the system is fast enough to image the entire heart in less than a heartbeat, opening the door to accurate and safe imaging of patients with arrhythmia. 

Elimination of Unnecessary Tests, minimizing radiation exposures
As a result of this new technology, unnecessary tests can be eliminated and diagnosis times are faster. Typically, patients exhibiting symptoms of chest pain are given multiple tests including: EKG, calcium study, CT angiography, nuclear test and catheterization. These tests can take days to complete and expose patients to significant radiation and contrast dose. The Aquilion ONE provides a single comprehensive exam.

People are exposed to radiation every day through many sources such as light, radon gas in our homes and radio waves. In addition, tests such as X-Rays and CT scans are another type of radiation.

While exposure during a CT is unavoidable, the amount and effects have low risk for negative long-term effects. Radiation dose can be looked at like taking prescription medication. Patients are given doses by their physician based on the optimum amount to be safe and get well.

The Aquilion ONE™ CT offers technology that delivers the highest image quality while minimizing the amount of radiation and contrast dose exposure for patients.

The technology allows for the dose levels to automatically adjust for each patient based on their size and patient’s heart rate. The state-of-the-art technology sharpens the image and allowing for optimum image quality with up to 80 percent less radiation exposure.

Helping Your Heart

The Aquilion ONE 320 Slice CT at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center will provide patients with the latest technology for a HeartScan, which is a calcium score. Calcium scoring is a CT exam that measures calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. Calcium is fatty buildup that causes atherosclerosis and can lead to heart attack and stroke but sticking to the artery walls. This test gives patients living with heart disease a painless but powerful way to determine risk for heart attack.

The test must be performed on a very fast system because the beating heart blurs images taken by slower CTs. Therefore, with use of the 320 Slice CT, patients receive the fastest technology on the market, providing more accurate results. In fact, the system is so fast it can rotate around the patient’s body in less than half a second. At this speed, this CT creates a gravitational force of 13G’s – four times the force of the Space Shuttle during lift off. However, the only sensation the patient experiences in the ticking of the machine.

HeartScans do not require a physician referral and can be purchased for only $50.

Call 405-946-CARE to schedule an appointment and know your risk.

What to Expect for Your CT

In addition to CT being one of the most effective forms of advanced imaging, a CT scan is also one of the easiest for you, the patient.

  • For the sake of image clarity, you may be asked to wear a gown and remove all jewelry and other metallic items.
  • A contrast agent is sometimes used to make specific parts of the body more distinguishable. Administered through a small IV, the contrast agent may create a slight warming sensation.
  • Once the exam begins, the examination table will move slowly into position inside the scanner’s donut-shaped opening. While you lay on the table, the scanner will use a detector rotated around your body to create a sequence of cross-sectional images called “slices”. The computer then uses these slices to reconstruct 3-dimensional images of the inside of the body.
  • Throughout the scan you will be asked to remain still and may be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time. A video or audio coaching system will help guide you through the exam process.

Since there are no lingering effects from your CT, after the exam you are free to resume all normal activities unless otherwise directed.

The Aquilion ONE™ offers the largest table width and shortest adjustable bed height in the industry, making it easier for patients with special needs. The wide bed space and large scan opening provides plenty of room for you to lie comfortably during the exam.



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