How Can We Help Your Child?

How Can We Help Your Child?

Our certified child life specialists are available on our Pediatric Inpatient Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Outpatient Surgery, and Endoscopy. If your child is having a procedure in another part of the hospital, please feel free to request a child life specialist.

Child life specialists can:

  • Ease your child’s fear and anxiety by working with you, your child, and the medical team to create a coping plan for a test or procedure.
  • Explain a diagnosis, treatment, or procedure in words that your child can understand.
  • Provide support before, during, and after medical procedures.
  • Provide medical play focused on helping your child understand and process their procedure or test.
  • Provide therapeutic play to help your child express their feelings related to their hospitalization or procedure.
  • Provide age appropriate play and other activities at bedside to normalize the hospital environment.
  • Offer bereavement support to help families and siblings coping with death or loss.

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