For any questions and/or clarification on making a donation, please contact our Child Life Department at

Thank you for considering a donation to INTEGRIS Children’s at Baptist Medical Center. Your thoughtfulness will bring so much joy to our patients and families. For the safety of our patients, all donations must be New, Unwrapped, and in the Original Packaging.

Since thousands of children visit our facility each year, we have an on-going need for donations to provide our pediatric patients with new toys, board/card games, craft supplies, and movies throughout their hospital stay. See our WISHLIST or Amazon Wishlist.

All donation deliveries are scheduled by contacting the Child Life Department at:

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For the safety of our patients, all donations must be New, Unwrapped, and in the Original Packaging. We recommend that all items are purchased from our WISHLIST or AMAZON WISHLIST, including brand names, as we know these are the safest items for our patients and families.

Preferred Toy Brands

Fisher Price, Lamaze, Sassy, V-Tech, Baby Einstein, Bright Starts, Little Tykes, Fisher Price, Little People, V-Tech, Melissa & Doug, Leap Frog, Baby B, Lego, Play-Doh Crayola, Model Magic, Craft Crush

For infection control reasons, we cannot accept used toys and discourage donation of toys made of fabric or wood.

Items we cannot accept include

  • Used toys
  • Items that have been held in storage
  • Collector's items
  • Used cloth items, including used stuffed animals
  • Food items
  • Violent themed toys, games, movies and books

To make a monetary donation to the Child Life Department, please visit our GIVE NOW page. Our Child Life Department serves our pediatric patients and families by providing each patient and family with emotional support, medical education, coping techniques, and medical play to help with understanding and coping within the hospital setting. Our Child Life Department also provides toys, crafts, games, and other items to help our patients cope with being in the hospital. Your generous gifts help make this possible.

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If you or your organization is planning on donating cloth/fabric items, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All donated cloth or fabric items (blankets, quilts, knitted hats, etc.) should be washed in a non-fragrance detergent and dried completely prior to donation. Complete drying is very important because damp items can promote growth of germs. A home washing machine and dryer are adequate.
  • Once dried, items should be individually wrapped or packaged in a ziplock plastic bag. This keeps items from collecting dust and other allergens.

Please note: All postcards and greeting cards must be laminated prior to being sent to our hospital. This helps us prevent the spread of infection to our patients. Thank you for your desire to help our patients during their recovery.

A colorful greeting card can help cheer up a patient. Patients and families often use greeting cards as decorations for their room during their recovery.

All greeting cards are reviewed by our staff before they are distributed to our patients. If you or your organization are interested in creating greeting cards for our patients, we have a few guidelines that will help ensure your greeting card makes it safely into the hands of a recovering child.

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All donation deliveries are scheduled by contacting the Child Life Department at: A staff member will coordinate the exact time and location so he/she can receive your generous gift. Donations can be delivered to our INTEGRIS Baptist campus at 3300 NW Expressway, in Oklahoma City.

You will be able to temporarily park in valet at the main entrance, as long as you let a valet attendant know that you’re meeting a staff member to deliver your donation.

To ensure proper follow-up and acknowledgement of your donation, please complete a donor form when you deliver your donation to a staff member.