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Clinical Child Life Shadowing Program 

Thank you for your interest in our shadowing program. The Clinical Child Life Shadowing Program is a 25-hour, observation opportunity for students considering a career in child life. This opportunity allows you to observe a Certified Child Life Specialist in the day to day interactions, providing you with a realistic view of the day in the life of a child life specialist. This opportunity is strictly observatory, which helps you to learn more about child life, taking notes and asking questions after an interaction. 

It is recommended that the application process be started prior to the semester you need to shadow.

Clinical Child Life Shadowing Program Details

We offer the Clinical Child Life Shadowing Opportunity year-round.

Students will participate for 25 hours.*

  • 5 different days.
  • 5 to 6-hour days depending on the assigned unit for shadowing.

Students will experience a minimum of 2 different patient areas.

  • Clinical Child Life Shadowing Students will be observing a Certified Child Life Specialist.

Students are expected to be available for the Clinical Child Life Shadowing Program during standard business hours.

Students will complete the Clinical Child Life Shadowing Project, as discussed and planned with the Certified Child Life Specialist.*

*High School Students, ages 16-years-old to 18-years-old, will participate for one 5-hour day. Students completing the 5-hour shadowing experience will not be expected to complete the Clinical Child Life Shadowing Project.

  • Observe a Certified Child Life Specialist in the clinical setting to gain knowledge of daily interactions.
  • Gain knowledge and a better understanding of child life.
  • Become familiar with the child life profession and child life services offered at INTEGRIS Children’s.
  • Gain knowledge of medical terminology, diagnoses, and procedures.
  • Recognize the value of play and psychosocially supportive interventions.
  • Complete a project benefiting child life, volunteers, patients, families, staff, or INTEGRIS Children’s.
  • Watch the assigned child life videos*
  • Submit completed questionnaire*
  • Complete in-person interview*
  • Verification of all immunizations and tests listed in application**
  • Verification of a criminal background check** (not required for the 5-hour shadowing program)
  • Verification of a negative drug screen (option:**
  • Signed Confidentiality Form*
  • Copy of Course Description and Objectives*
  • Copy of the shadowing expectations initialed and signed by the student*
  • Complete a project to benefit the patients and families at INTEGRIS Children’s
  • Review Student/Faculty Orientation:

*Completed during the application process

**It is the responsibility of the student to pay for and complete all tests and screenings listed above.

Once you complete the application and all the requirements, you will need to make an appointment with Employee Health to have your records reviewed and get the TB skin test completed. You must let Employee Health know that you are a student shadowing Child Life. Employee Health will sign off on the application once the TB skin test process is complete and the health records have been found to be complete. Once the Child Life Department receives your completed application from Employee Health, the documents will be reviewed to determine acceptance and scheduling.

Employee Health

Phone: 405-951-2903
Fax: 405-951-2952
Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

  • Submit a completed typed application. Hand written applications will not be accepted.

Clinical Child Life Shadowing Application

Clinical Child Life Shadowing Program

Child Life Specialists have life shadowing program opportunities available for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist.