INTEGRIS Miami Hospital E.R.



200 Second Ave. SW
Miami, OK 74354

Open 24 Hours

INTEGRIS Miami Hospital

Local Emergency Care When Minutes Count

Many of life’s most critical health challenges begin in the Emergency Room – when life hangs in the balance and the care received immediately weighs heavily.

At INTEGRIS Miami Hospital, emergency care is provided by a dedicated staff of physicians and nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With 24-hour emergency care services, the Level 4 emergency department in Miami is staffed by board certified physicians when you need them most. Minimal wait times assure that our patients get immediate care when seconds count. Our physicians and staff are certified in adult and pediatric advance life support and trauma care.

Our ER also features a 12-bed emergency department, leading edge trauma bays and a decontamination bay, and our physicians have access to state-of-the art diagnostic imaging and other life-saving medical equipment.

Grand Lake residents do not have to travel elsewhere for emergency care; it is now just minutes away and close to home in a full service hospital.

Our ER provides real-time neurological assessment of patients presenting with stroke-like symptoms through virtual bedside consults via the TeleStroke program. A neurologist assists the ER physician in evaluating and treating potential acute stroke patients via live video feed. This telemedicine technology saves valuable time for the stroke patient.

Urgent or Emergent?

If you have chest pain, major trauma, an apparent stroke or anything life threatening, you should always call 911 or go straight to the emergency room. But for anything that isn't life-threatening, a nearby urgent care is your best bet.