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Let’s fight your cancer together.

When faced with the need of oncology treatments, INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center can offer you complete radiation oncology care, close to home. We take a stand against cancer by offering the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Our dedicated staff of radiation therapists provides compassionate care to patients, families, and caregivers. A nurse on staff cares for side effects if they occur, and answers questions regarding treatment options. Our dosimetrist sees that every patient receives the best treatment plan for their individual diagnosis. Our physicist ensures the highest safety and quality standards.

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Photo of INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center Radiology Team

Compassionate Care

Fighting cancer is hard enough. That is why we make radiation therapy as simple and painless as we possibly can, blending state of the art technology with true, straight-from-the-heart compassion. INTEGRIS Health has a long-standing belief that there’s a fundamental difference between treating cancer and treating the cancer patient. It is why we work with you to ensure you not only live longer, but live better. We are dedicated to taking care of your overall well being while we aggressively treat your cancer.


Radiation therapy is conducted with state of the art equipment and techniques designed to minimize discomfort to the patient and tackle some of the most aggressive cancers. For more than 30 decades, we have been leading the state in advanced cancer research and treatments. Our patients find comfort in knowing that the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute is home to more survivors of more types of cancer than anywhere in Oklahoma.

And it does not end when radiation is done. INTEGRIS Health brings you a full staff of renowned oncologists, aftercare, and support groups to bring your care full circle.

Treatment Options

External beam radiation therapy

Uses high energy photons and electrons for the  treatment of cancer. External beams allow administration of your treatment without any equipment coming into physical contact with the  patient.

3D Conformal

3D conformal radiation is a radiation therapy technique that allows doctors to shape radiation beams to the directly around the tumor. This is typically used on tumors that have irregular shapes or that lay close to healthy tissues and organs, and may limit radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

This radiation technology allows doctors to view a tumor in three dimensions. Based on these images, the equipment is then used to deliver radiation beams from several directions to the tumor.

IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation   Therapy)

A specialized form of treatment in which a radiation beam is broken into many “beamlets”. The intensity of each beamlet can be adjusted individually, making it possible to shape the beam more exactly to the tumor and further decreasing the amount of radiation to normal tissues. This may also allow a higher dose of radiation to be delivered to the tumor, increasing the chance of a cure. 

Thyroid therapy

Patients are administered a radioactive pill while in the clinic; then, they may go home, as treatment is complete.

Treatment Technology

Varian Clinac IX

The Varian Clinac offers two modalities with 7 different energies allowing the treatment of a multitude of cancer sites and tumors. With 360 degrees of rotation on the gantry and 180 degrees on the couch we are able to customize every treatment to each individual sparing healthy tissue and focusing just on the tumor.

CT Simulation

Following your initial consultation, a CT scan of the area of interest is taken. The images obtained during your CT simulation are use to create a treatment plan specific to you.

Eclipse Treatment Planning Software

The physician and dosimetrist will then create the optimal treatment plan to maximize the tumor dose while sparing healthy tissue.